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One of the Best Toys for Kids We’ve Played This Year

Wobbly Worm! One of the Best Toys We’ve Played This Year. Wobbly Worm!  Are you looking for a toy that is amazing fun for all ages to play with?  Stuck for an ideal birthday present or just something to keep them occupied this summer?  Then we may have found what you are
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Top 7 Reasons You Should Try This Fidget Stick

7 Reasons You Should Try a MOKURU Fidget Stick MOKURU Fidget Stick vs. Fidget Spinner! Are you interested in a new toy? Our family was caught up in the fidget spinner craze earlier in the year. This toy is based on keeping the brain, hand and eye engaged in simple patterns and
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Valentines Day Mega Round Up

Our Mega Round Up! Hope you are having a great day –  but are you: Stuck for inspiration? Worried because it is suddenly here and you’ve not organised anything for the kids? Wanting some new ideas to make it a special weekend with the family? Well, help is at hand to
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Paper Heart Bunting

 Paper Heart Bunting Simple Craft for Developing Scissor Skills Peakles loves Valentine’s Day and now that we are through our ‘snowflake’ crafting phase for this year, she naturally began to want more heart crafts to do! We are concentrating on her fine motor
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How to Create Printed Heart Cards With Tiles

How to Create Printed Heart Cards With Tiles We enjoy exploring art, design and crafting together.  Often we may follow certain patterns or designs, other times my daughter will use the skills she has to explore a medium or idea on her own.  I was wanting to introduce printing as
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How to Make a Pretty Christmas LED Light Holder

Christmas LED Light Holder Have you ever been in a candle-lit parade or procession only for your candle to blow out?  Are you worried about younger kids carrying naked flames when they are part of a choir?  We share a simple craft that is safe, practical and easy to make too! We
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How to Make a Lovely Christmas Tree Calendar

Christmas Tree Calendar Are you wanting to avoid the candy and chocolate filled advent calendars this year?  Do you want a simple way to count down the days to Christmas?  Then our fun and easy to make Advent Calendar should be perfect for you and your family! We love advent
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How to Make a Fun and Easy Countdown Card

Fun and Easy Christmas Countdown Card Avoid that morning sugar rush with a candy free way to countdown the days to Christmas! We love counting the days until Christmas without having lots of chocolate advent calendars!  This is a lovely Christmas countdown card, ideal for an
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How to Make a Simple Candle Christmas Card

Simple Candle Christmas Card This Candle Christmas card is easy to make and so pretty to0!  We love making our own Christmas cards and decorations for family and friends.  Making them with youngsters also helps them to express their own creativity as well as showing that
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