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How to Make A Cute Holly Christmas Card

Simple Holly Christmas Card We are really excited about Christmas and we are making lots of festive things to give to family and friends. Do you like making cards and experimenting with some simple but new ideas for your Christmas cards?  Why not try making these Holly Christmas
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35 Wonderful Festive Books to Share About Christmas Trees

35 Books About Christmas Trees We love Christmas trees and what better way to get into the festive mood than to read some wonderful books all about them!  There has always been something magical about a Christmas tree, no matter how large or small, or how it is decorated.  These
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How To Make These Amazingly Festive Paper Baubles

Amazingly Festive Paper Baubles These festive paper baubles are so easy to make!  Earlier this month we made some adorable sparkly tree twirlers as we love making our own Christmas decorations.  It is a great craft to share with the kids too, so we decided to share our festive
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How To Make Adorable Sparkly Tree Twirlers

Adorable Sparkly Tree Twirlers Tree Twirlers are such fun to make!  We love making our own Christmas decorations for our tree and our home.  There is something really delightful about making them with the kids too, so we decided to share our tree twirlers with you today!  
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How to Make These Awesome Unicorn Headbands

Awesome Unicorn Headbands How about making some unicorn headbands?  We love the idea of a unicorn, a mythical horse with a single horn and recently there has been a revival of interest in these fascinating creatures.  As part of the 31 Days of ABC hosted by All Done Monkey, we
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How to Make Fabulous Button Bookmarks

Easy to Make Button Bookmarks A Button Bookmark is a great way to keep track of where you are in your book!  If your kids are learning their ABC’s then this is a fun craft to do for ‘B is for….’ and they are really easy for kids to make!  Plus bookmarks
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