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Lack Energy? 3 Things to Help Improve Your Energy Levels.

My Three Things to Help Improve Your Energy Levels!


Do you lack energy?  Do the darker mornings make it hard for you to drag your legs out from under the duvet?  Is it difficult to get yourself up and motivated, never mind sorting out the kids?  When you arrive at work do you feel you have already ran a marathon, feeling tired and reaching for the biscuit tin?

You are not alone… feeling tired all the time or TATT syndrome, (yep, it has it’s own acronym), is one of the most common complaints in some GP’s waiting rooms.  However, there are some simple things that you can do to increase your daily energy levels.


Here are the first 3 to try and non of them involve costly supplements:



Eating late at night can place extra stress on our digestion system and research shows that this in turn can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle leading to tiredness and poor energy levels in the morning.  Try to ensure you have at least 3 hours before going to bed after eating (and drinking wine – sorry!) to aid with digestion and a restful nights sleep.



Resist the urge to have another five minutes snooze as this will make you feel worse.  Instead, concentrate on giving yourself a little stretch out, jump into the shower and get that energy moving around.  Try to get 15 minutes of time to yourself before everyone else gets up.  This will help you wake more naturally rather than start the day with a things to do list, which will automatically start to drain you.



Try to eat a balanced breakfast of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein. (See my “Boostiful Pear Porridge” recipe!).  Eating a balanced breakfast will help you to have sustained energy throughout the morning, without feeling the need to have a biscuit with your mid morning cuppa.


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The Healthy Girl Guide is passionate about helping you to develop a healthier lifestyle by eating clean foods, thinking smartly about the food choices you make and developing healthy habits... "Eat Clean, Think Smart, BE healthful".
  1. Helen Reply

    Some great tips here! Thank you for these! Please feel free to comment below & I am sure the Healthy Girl Guide would be delighted to answer any queries!

  2. nessjibberjabberuk Reply

    I’m rubbish at getting up straight away. Going to bed earlier would help but I have so much to do at night!

  3. Jo Bryan Reply

    All good ideas, I eat earlier now as it really helps with my sleep. I do have to get up on first alarm, that extra sleep really makes me too groggy.

  4. Nell@PigeonPairandMe.com Reply

    Oooh you’ve inspired me to make a big bowl of porridge for breakfast tomorrow! I love the stuff. I really find it hard to get up straight away – but perhaps I’ll try it tomorrow, and sit for 15 mins reading a good book.

  5. Hannah Staveley Reply

    Some very good ideas could do with doing some of them to wake me up .x

  6. Hollie Reply

    snooze is my fave button! I really need to try and get up first time.

  7. Louisa Reply

    I am guilty of pressing snooze a few times. I even set my alarm earlier than I need so I can snooze a few times and be marginally more conscious when I have to get up. I don’t do mornings.

  8. agatapokutycka Reply

    I hardly ever get up with first alarm… I need an alarm clock without a snooze button

  9. Rachel Reply

    I need to learn to ignore the snooze button x

  10. Sonya Cisco Reply

    Great tips, I am naturally quite good at the first two- but terrible at eating a proper breakfast – am always too busy getting the kids sorted!

  11. Jen aka The Mad House Reply

    Porridge and oranges are great boosts. We are still suffering after three weeks of colds so have moved on to probiotics

  12. oana79 Reply

    Lovely, I have noticed that since I stopped eating late at night my energy levels have stayed up, indeed. Need to have a look at your porridge recipe.xx

  13. Kara Reply

    Some really good tips although I struggle with the eating late one as hubby works shifts

  14. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood Reply

    All really useful tips. It is so hard to not snooze the alarm!

  15. Shell Louise Reply

    I always snack late at night while watching tv and I’m ALWAYS tired, no matter how much sleep I get.
    I’m going to try your first tip and see if it makes a difference for me.

  16. Nayna Kanabar (@SIMPLYF00D) Reply

    I definitely agree with number 3 eating a good breakfast is a must, it makes you less lethargic and tired.

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