10 Silly Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas


10 Silly Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas

Are you stuck in a present buying routine at this time of year?  Do you find that you are putting too much or too little time and effort in selecting those perfect presents?  Want to bring some light-hearted fun back into your family Christmas?  Then keep reading as we share 10 Silly Gifts for Your Kids this Christmas!

Silly Gifts for Your Kids this Christmas


We love Christmas and try to make it as much fun as possible for the whole family.  Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed or even underwhelmed by the whole Christmas shopping experience.  Here we share some favourites that keep the kids, big and small, entertained well into the New Year!

Homemade Slime

This is really easy to make and can be very festive too!  Kids just love playing with it and adults cannot resist having a play along too!  Make up a batch of traditional Christmas colours and pop into some storage containers for some extra gooey festive fun!

Dressing Up/Playing Box

Take a large cardboard box and add some fun festive bits and pieces!  Make it more seasonal by adding clothing, wrapping paper, and toys related to Christmas.  Add a huge bow and allow the kids to do what they love doing best – playing with the box!

Tin Can Stilts

Take some tin cans, paint, add string and off you go!  Kids love these but be aware that the grown-ups may want to play too!


Make your own, save money and have fun too!  Kids into mutant warrior rainbow ponies?  Not a problem just add some colourful glitter and a few pony figures.  Are they more into outdoors and science?  Add some sticks, felt leaves and toy insects for some fabulous play dough fun!  Do they just want to make cakes and have a tea party?  Why not make up some colourful dough and give them some empty cupcake liners to make their own cakes!

Googly Eyes and Stick-on Moustaches

Most craft shops sell googly eyes and you can easily cut out some moustaches from felt or paper.  Add some sticky dots to the eyes and moustaches and let them play!  Be warned you may find your fruit bowl full of googly-eyed apples and oranges!  If you fall asleep after Christmas lunch you may find you have grown a handlebar moustache by the time you wake up!

Post it Note Game

All you need are post-it notes and a pen.  A great game for adults and kids alike.  Sit in a circle and get everyone to write down a character or object on their post-it note.  Then count to three and everyone places the post it note on the forehead of the person to their right.  The object of the game is to ask questions to find out what character or object you are.  The questions can be answered only with a yes or no.  You cannot look at the post-it note on your own forehead.  The winner is the first person who works out who or what they are!

Pin the Hat on Santa

Take a large picture of Santa and pin it to a wall.  Take a picture of a hat and add some sticky tack to the back.  Make a blindfold out of a scarf!  You have to try to pin the hat picture on Santa’s head whilst blindfolded.  The winner is the person who correctly pins the hat on Santa!

Silly Joke Book

Kids love telling jokes and there are plenty books that you can buy online or in the shops.  Or you could make your own by writing or printing off some silly jokes and adding them to a notebook.  This can be a great way of getting kids to think up their own jokes and limericks too!

Poopy Slime and Whoopee Cushions

Both of these items can be bought for very little cost and can cause hilarious antics that will keep the whole family entertained.  Watch out for the adults using them as well!

Musical Instruments

There is nothing better than making a huge noise, especially if you can put all the kids in one room or in the garden!  Give them something to make some noise about!  You can but some basic instruments quite cheaply or save your crisp tins, plastic jars and biscuit tins to make shakers, rattles and drums!  Add some cheap cat bells to make it sound even more Christmassy and get everyone to sing along with some festive carols or the latest pop song!

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