3 Top Tips to Boost your Immune System this Winter!

Boost Your Immune System This Winter

My Top 3 Tips!


Ok, we have been incredibly lucky with this unseasonable weather but at some point Winter is going to come and our immune system will be under attack.   Coughs, sneezes, splutters and sore throats are increasing.  If you have kids at school  the dreaded sickness bug season is looming (she says with head in hands!).  So to help you fight the dreaded lurgy, here are 3 top tips to boost your immune system!


1. Bulk Out Traditional Comfort Foods Such as Stews and Casseroles:

Vitamins A,B6, C, D and E all play a role in ensuring a healthy immune system. So do the minerals Zinc and Selenium.   When it gets colder we naturally opt for more comfort foods. Think about reducing the amount of dumplings you serve and instead add wholegrains and extra vegetables into your stew. This is a great way of increasing immunity nutrient intake!  (Check out my easy to make Immune  Boosting Chicken Casserole  recipe!)


2. Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep:

In eastern medicine it is believed that winter is a period to rest and reflect, and it’s a lesson we should all follow!  Rest allows our body to revitalise and when we sleep our bodies produce a hormone called the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). HGH, amongst other things, boosts the body’s immune system.  In the run up to the silly season (Christmas) rest seems to be one of the things that falls by the wayside.  Try to find a few nights a week when you can be tucked up in bed early with a good book, or in front of the fire with your feet up without having to think about anything.


3. Take a Probiotic:

There is a growing body of research that suggests that “Good Gut Bacteria” play an important part ensuring your immune system is healthy.   You can boost your own good gut bacteria by either taking a probiotic supplement, or by regularly consuming “live” natural yogurt. Be aware that  not all natural yogurts have active bacteria within them, but you should be able to tell from the label. Alternatively you could take a Probiotic supplement instead.




Of course you may well just end up avoiding all the nasties this year , but  if you do fall ill, just remember that your immune system is taking a hammering.  It works miracles every day for us, and therefore it needs a little TLC every now and then. Following these tips for a few weeks after illness will get your immune system  back to its fighting self!


Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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  1. Laura @ Kneadwhine

    Great reminder to take care of ourselves in the run up to Christmas. Wish I could manage a teensy bit more sleep – but my eleven week old doesn’t quite want me to have as much as I do! 😉

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