5 Funny Ways to Measure My Foot!


5 Funny Ways to Measure My Foot!

Peakles has always been interested in measuring things and from an early age I used to find my tailors measuring tape hidden in her toy box!  I really love the fact that she is becoming more aware of spaces and shapes and she does have some funny ways of recording her measurements too!  So here is some inspired by Peakles (and some encouraged by me) ways of measuring your FOOT!


5 Funny Ways To Measure My Foot


Any Old Shoes? Any Old Shoes!

I find it hard to throw away old shoes.  Peakles loves talking about her old shoes and how tiny her feet used to be when she was little.  We talked about how she goes to the shoe shop to have her feet measured and then how we chose a shoe that fits correctly.

Peakles noticed that there are numbers on the shoes and asked what they are.  I explained that feet are measured (in the UK) by size and width.  Peakles is a children’s size 9 1/2 and is an F fitting.  We talked about how her feet are long and slender.  Her brother’s feet when he was her age were not only larger but broader as well.

We then set up some of the family shoes and let her try them on.  She was able to compare her shoes with her smaller shoes, my shoes and her brother and Daddy’s shoes.  We looked at the sizes and realised that I am a ladies size 7, her brother is a men’s size 9 and Daddy is a men’s size 14!  She decided that her shoes were the most comfortable because they were the correct size!

Feet Measuring on Peakle Pie 1

How Long is My Foot in Pennies?

Peakles placed her foot on a sheet of paper and we drew around it.  We also drew around my foot too!  She pointed out where her heel was and where her toes were on the outline of her foot.  She wanted to know how long our feet were BUT we did not have a measuring tape (I had hidden it!) so Peakles decided to use some pennies to measure her foot!

It was 9 pennies long.  My foot was 12 pennies long and Peakles worked out that there were 3 pennies difference between them!  Soon we were measuring with buttons, our fingers, toy bricks and anything else we could find.

How Wide is My Foot with Ribbon?

Peakles wanted to know how wide her feet were.  She knew that she was an F fitting at the shoe shop and wanted to measure her foot!  Peakles decided to measure the heel, the narrow part of her foot and across the widest part of her foot.  We used a pretty ribbon and added a mark to it.  This was then placed on the drawing we had used for the length.

We started with the side of the heel then moved the ribbon across and marked on it on the other edge of the heel.  We did this again with the narrowest and widest part of her foot.  Peakles was interested in how narrow and wide her foot was in different places.

Feet Measuring on Peakle Pie 2

Toy Pizza Cutter Perimeters!

Peakles wanted to know how to work out the measurement of the outside of her foot.  We took a TOY pizza cutter and marked a point on it’s edge.  I showed Peakles that the toy pizza cutter wheel would move around one whole turn and the mark would return to the same place.

We wondered how many times the toy pizza cutter would go around and decided to follow our foot print drawings as well as carefully following her actual foot too.  Apart from it being very tickly, we found out that the toy pizza cutter went around (or revolved) around her foot 4 1/2 times.  We tested it against my foot and we found it revolved 6 times.  Peakles decided that this was because my foot was larger and the toy pizza cutter had to go further!

Foot Spa Mathematics!

Peakles asked me how heavy her foot was.  I explained that it was difficult to say as it was attached to her body!  However we could find out how much ‘space’ or volume her foot took up by having a foot bath! Peakles though this was a very funny thing to do!

We took a large washing up bowl and added some warm water and some lovely scented foot lotion.  We marked on the side of the bowl where the water line was with a permanent maker.  Peakles then put her foot in the water and watched it rise above the marked line.  I made a new line where the water now was.

After chatting about why that may have happened she decided that her foot had pushed the water out of the bowl and made it go up.  I told her to shout ‘EUREKA’ very loudly and we had lots of giggles saying this every time she placed her foot in the water.

While her foot was still in the bowl we scooped out the water, into a measuring jug, until the water was back to the original line.  Peakles read the measure on the side of the jug and we discovered her foot had a volume (size) of 142 mil (5 UK fl.oz).  If her foot was hollow then that is how much water it would hold.

Cue lots of yucks and comments about how we could freeze it and make a foot shaped ice lolly (popsicle) which caused even more yucks!

Feet Measuring on Peakle Pie 3

We hope that you enjoy trying out our funny ways to measure your foot and that it just goes to show that you can have fun as well as learning too!

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  1. Reading your post reminded me of a memory from a movie – did you see Pretty Woman where she says “Did you know your foot is as long as your elbow to your wrist?” Your interesting ways to measure feet brought that back!!

  2. I used to do things like this with the boys when they were small. They were talking to their granddad at the weekend (he is a farmer) and he was explaining that he still paces out yards!

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