How to Make and Play a Fun Acorn Sharing Game


Acorns, Leaves and Squirrels always mean harvest gathering, Fall activities and Autumn games!  This week we are back with the Virtual Book Club for Kids and the theme of Acorns and Squirrels!  We have been introduced to a new great read called Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.  We loved looking through this book and just adore the bold illustrations as well as reading all about his adventures too!

We began to think about what Scaredy Squirrel would do with a whole pile of acorns and soon came up with a few simple number games we want to share with you!

Simple Acorn Sharing & Number Games

First, you will need:

Some acorns – we used buttons because there were no acorns nearby- you can use counters, pom poms or large beads

Some paper plates

Lots of  Scaredy Squirrel friends – these can be stuffed toys, plastic figures or family members

Simple Acorn Number Game

(Practising Number Bonds to 10)

Using two plates, one for Scaredy Squirrel (your child) and one for a friend (you or a toy).

Place 10 ‘acorns’ in the middle and ask them to give their friend 1 acorn.  Place one acorn on a plate then count out the 9 remaining acorns onto the other plate.

Talk about how you started with 10 acorns, how 9 acorns on one plate added to the 1 acorn on the other plate makes 10 acorns altogether.  Repeat this again with different numbers.  Start adding simple mathematical language such as – add, make, same as, equal to – when you talk with your child about the game.

Finally, start introducing subtraction by placing 10 acorns on one plate and the squirrel takes away e.g. 3 acorns, how many acorns are left?

Simple Acorn Sharing Game

(Multiplication and Division)

Start with a pile of acorns e.g. 6 and have two plates for two friends.  Share the acorns equally between the two plates.  Carry on with simple numbers and add more acorns and plates for friends as you go on.  Bring in some mathematical language such as – shared, lots of, multiplied by, times, divided by –  and explore the different ways that you can share out the acorns as well.

For example:

2 lots of 5 = 10     10 shared by 5 = 2       10 shared by  2 = 5      5 lots of 2 = 10

Finally, just have fun sharing out and resharing those acorns, and between as many friends that your Scaredy Squirrel wants!

Virtual Book Club For Kids

Virtual Book Club for Kids and don’t forget to join in with the facebook group as well!

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