Baby Loss. These two little words can bring forth tears and anguish. How can these two little words cause such heart ripping pain that even your bones feel as though they are made of paper and your soul aches? Two little words that can devastate. Baby Loss. Grief and tears. Guilt and fear. Pain and...
What to do on a Sunday Afternoon?  We Made a Bucket List!   After much debate at home about what we should do at the weekend I have decided to make a bucket list for the next one.  I have never really planned what to do on a Sunday but each family member has a different...
I love words. I love how they are formed, how they sound, how they look.  I have always had words in my life. From being small I can remember being told stories, being shown words and ultimately finding them everywhere. They can be small such as I and as large as antidisestablishmentarianism (I found this one...
Learning Something New Every Day – My Life Mission! I’ve decided that I want to learn something new every day. Every single day, from now until I hang up my boots and push up daisies instead, I will be learning instead of just existing. And I feel quite excited by the changes that I have already...
The Hill House – National Trust Scotland As an avid fan of Charles Rennie-Macintosh & Mary Macdonald Macintosh I have wanted to visit The Hill House in Helensburgh for many years.  Tucked away among the leafy quiet streets of Helensburgh we drove to the house and was pleasantly surprised!  Here was a building that not...
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