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As we rush through the last few weeks of summer I am aware that September is looming and Autumn (or Fall) will soon be here. I always find Autumn is the season of reflection. I find myself looking back on what we have achieved over the past few years and it brought me to this article from a few years ago.

Nature walks in Autumn are a favourite family pastime.  I love how our walks still continue today and we have fond memories of crunching through the leaves.  We cannot wait to go on another walk very soon.

This is a fond memory from our first website Peakle Pie which you can read more about here.

Memories of Going on a Nature Walk

The colours and the change in the weather make us feel excited!

Peakles really likes going for walks in the Autumn as there are crunchy leaves to kick and conkers to collect.  I think this year, in particular, she has really taken notice of the change from the late Summer to early Autumn.

She has been asking all sorts of questions about fungi, berries and fruits, taking lots of notice of why the season is changing and what it means for the wildlife too.

We have talked about how some animals hibernate over the cold months and she excitedly told me that Bertie the Tortoise has now gone to bed (her grandparents have a tortoise and he is now hibernating in his box under the stairs!).

We decided to go for a walk at a local park called The Rising Sun Country Park and we talked about all the different changes we could see.

Peakles was very interested in what we could and could not eat.  I explained that some things we can eat and some things we cannot as they will make us poorly.  

I said that some very clever adults know what you can eat and Peakles piped up with “Yes and children shouldn’t eat anything from the bushes without asking if it is ok first Mummy”.

We had been to a fruit farm earlier in the year to ‘pick your own’ and I had explained then that the fruit was ok to pick because it had been grown especially for people to pick but children should check with a grown-up first if they wanted to pick fruits in the ‘wild’.

We spotted some hawthorn berries and some acorns too on our walk, but Peakles decided that all the Autumn fruits and nuts were food for the birds and animals.  I couldn’t agree more so we left them on the trees and bushes instead!

We then collected a huge bag of conkers from a few conker trees and Peakles wanted to take some into school for the nature table!  As the sun began to set Peakles noticed how cold and dark it was getting.  We talked about how the weather has changed and what it means too.

We talked about wearing bright clothing so that we can be seen by cars and other traffic.  Plus how the clothing has to keep us warm and dry.  Peakles asked if she is getting a new Autumn hat this year – so we are off to find a new one at the weekend!

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk so why not try it yourselves and get out and about this Autumn!

Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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8 Responses
  1. I do think this is the best time of year for walks, there is so much to see and gather and a great opportunity you took to explain what is and isn’t edible. Thank you for sharing your autumn adventure on Country Kids

  2. krissottoh

    I completely agree how important it is to teach children about being safe and not picking anything without checking with an adult first.

  3. I always look forward to Autumn, even though I do love summer. The colours are just so dreamy and magical.

    We’ve been so lucky this year with the weather, I feel like we’ve been able to really appreciate the changing seasons. Sounds like you had a lovely and very interesting walk.



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