B is for Banana Chicken Curry

Banana Chicken Curry

A-Z Cooking with Kids Teenagers

The Teen has been asking for some recipes that are tasty but will not cost a lot of money.  He is well aware that living away from home will mean living on a tight budget so we decided to create some ‘take away’ favourites that he could cook for himself and friends.

Basic Skills

The basic skill that we concentrated on for this recipe was time management.  We decided that we were making a meal for early evening but it was a weekday where there was no time to make a meal from scratch in the evening.  After talking about the basics of how to use a slow cooker the Teen began to organise everything in the morning before he left for school.


I gave the Teen my recipe and he began preheating the slow cooker on low.  He then set to work preparing the bananas by peeling them and cutting them into pieces.  Using a fork, he squashed the bananas into a smooth paste before adding the coconut milk, sesame oil and chilli flakes.  He added the chicken to the slow cooker and mixed in the banana and coconut paste.

He then prepared the vegetables first peeling and quartering them.  He then used a manual vegetable chopper which saved on time.  He added the chopped vegetables and coriander to the slow cooker and stirred the mixture and finally adding the cup of water


After replacing the lid, the banana chicken curry was left to cook for 6 to 8 hours on a low heat.  Some extra hot water was added to the curry as it was quite thick.

We took some easy cook rice and followed the packet instructions, cooked it in a large pan of salted boiling water.

Once the rice was cooked the Teen served it with a generous helping of the banana and chicken curry.

And the Verdict?

Wow – what a delicious banana chicken curry!  Very tasty and filling with just the right kick from the chillies.  Plus fresh breath the next day because we did not use garlic!

A MASSIVE THUMBS UP from the Witty Hoots Family!


Cooking with Kids Teenagers


Below is our recipe for you to print off and use – just click on the printer button on the right hand side of the recipe box!



[ultimate-recipe id=”2884″ template=”default”]


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Join the Teen & I next time when we discover C is for …

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