Beach Combing for Outdoor Play

Beach Combing for Outdoor Play

Now that the weather is slightly warmer and less windy we decided to cast off those late winter and early spring blues with a bracing walk along the beach!

Now our youngest loves making sandcastles, playing in the water and generally running around chasing the dog.  She loves to be barefooted and will often end up sitting in the car with her socks and shoes off before we even arrive at the beach.

Our dilemma was how to keep her entertained with a walk along the beach without stopping (too much), without jumping in the freezing water and without taking off her shoes and socks!  So we decided to go Beach Combing instead!

Outdoor Play Challenge


We took a small bucket with us and we began to look for interesting things that were on the shore.  First we found interesting stones and pebbles.  We talked about how smooth they were and about all the different colours too.

She then found some weird ‘stuff’ that she thought was alien food!  It is great to see that the ‘space and aliens’ theme she has recently followed at school has made an impression.  She was amazed when we said it was seaweed!  She decided that aliens would love seaweed and popped it in her collecting bucket.

All the time we were walking, running and skipping down the beach with no sign of wanting to build castles or jump in the water!

We carried on collecting shells, driftwood and pebbles.  She began to use a ‘dinosaur bone’ driftwood to dig holes and she began to bury some of the pirates treasure that she had found.

Finally we sat on a huge piece of driftwood whilst Daddy walked the dog and talked about all the different things that we had collected.  There were things that were once living such as the seaweed, driftwood and shells.  There were also natural and man made things such as sea stones and sea glass.

Beach Combing Outdoor Play Challenge collage



We put all our found things in the bucket and took them home.  After a wash down to remove some of the salt we will make them into something to decorate the garden with!

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed beach combing.  It was great to get the whole family outside for some exercise in the fresh air.  It was also a great way to keep our youngster occupied and stimulated without having to resort to things we normally do when the weather is much warmer!


Outdoor Play Challenge

We are taking part in the Outdoor Play Challenge this month with 30 websites and 30 different ideas on how to get playing outdoors whatever the weather!

For a full time table and more information please do click through on this link to the Outdoor Play Challenge or click on the image below



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    1. Helen

      I love being able to pop down to the beach – we have some stunning beaches here in the North East UK. Shame it is so chilly though!

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