How to Create This Book Inspired Monster Art


We are making Monster Art!  The book we are reading this week is the brilliant Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley.  This excellent book encourages children to face their night-time fears and make the monster ‘Go Away’.  The illustrations are bold and cleverly build up until you can tell the monster to go, with a turn of the page it has gone!

Materials and Equipment Needed to Make Monster Art

You will need: poster paints in various colours, googly eyes or paper discs for eyes, a black marker pen, newspaper or shower curtain to protect your surfaces, some paper, drinking straws and some mixing water.

Squishy Hand Print Monster

We spread out the paper and added some splodges of different paint before placing our hands on the paint. Once our hands were covered in the paint we then made handprint all over the rest of the paper.

Once the paint had dried, we cut out the handprint monsters and added googly eyes. We hung them up around the house to try and scare Dad when he came home!

Symmetrical Monster Art

First, take a sheet of paper and fold it in half, then open it out again.  Next, put drips or dabs of paint on one side of the paper.  Try not to put the colour too close to the paper edge and try not to use too much as well!  Then, fold the paper over on itself and press down, spreading the paint out inside the folded paper.

Open the fold to reveal your symmetrical monster.  Leave your artwork to dry before sticking on some googly eyes, adding fangs or arms and feet with the black marker pen!  Why not try making a whole family of symmetrical monsters!

Spiky Monster Art

Mix the post paint with a little water to make it more fluid.  Put some of the colour in the centre of the paper and pick up the drinking straw.  Blow the paint around the paper using the straw,  try to make the monster as spiky as possible.  Leave to dry and then add googly eyes, fangs, feet and arms with the black marker.

Why not make another family of spiky monsters as friends for the symmetrical monsters?

We loved making these with our daughter who soon discovered that her ‘monsters’ were not very scary at all!  I can see these becoming a favourite book inspired art theme!

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