A Wonderful Way to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day


Roald Dahl Day and Esio Trot

Books written by Roald Dahl have always been favourites in our family, especially the more famous books such as James and the Magic Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  It was only after buying the complete series in a box set that we actually read Esio Trot and it became another of our firm favourites!

Esio Trot is a love story, believe it or not, that involves Mr Hoppy, Mrs Silver and her tortoise Alfie!  Mr Hoppy gives Mrs Silver a magic spell which will make Alfie grow and so he begins his elaborate plan to win Mrs Silver’s heart.  The spell does not make much sense and sounds like nonsense.  But the spell can be easily read if you look at it in a mirror!

We decided to write out the spell in the same style as Roald Dahl as well as making some up of our own too!  Here is how we did it:

Esio Trot Magic Reverse Writing in a Mirror!

We took a large mirror, some pens and paper and set it up so that we could see both the paper and its reflection in the mirror.

First, we copied out Mr Hoppy’s spell from our book onto some paper.  It was easy to read what the nonsense words said when we read the reflection in the mirror – especially Esio Trot!  We tried writing our names on the paper and then looking at the nonsense words they made in the mirror.

After some giggles, we managed to write out some simple sentences by looking at the reflection rather than the paper itself.  This was more difficult to do than we thought it would be!

Finally, we tried drawing some animals and objects by looking only at the reflection in the mirror.  Unfortunately, the animals did not look like they should have but we were not sure if that was because of reversing things in the mirror or whether we were just not very good at drawing!

We had great fun doing this and we will be reading more books on September 13th which is Roald Dahl’s Birthday as well as it being Roald Dahl Day too.


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