Celebrating with Christmas Lights in Different Lands


Celebrating with Christmas Lights in Different Lands

TODAY we are taking some time to learn more about how lights are used to celebrate Christmas in different lands.  Lights are an integral part of our Christmas celebrations and we love decorating our home with them during the festive season.  Peakles asked why we have lights at Christmas so we decided to find out why we use lights at Christmas time!

We discovered that many traditional Christmas lights ideas have a Germanic or Scandinavian origin, usually tied up with the Winter solstice.  When the world is dark and cold lighting a candle can mean warm, light and hope that the Spring will return soon.

Christmas Lights in Different Lands

In the Christmas story, starlight brought people to the stable where the baby had been born.  When Jesus was grown he is supposed to have said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

It made sense to Peakles and I that Christmas would be celebrated by lighting candles to symbolise the end of the darkness in the world and we decided to look at a few different ways lights are used as part of the festivities!

St Lucy and the Candle Crown

St Lucy’s Day is usually celebrated on 13th December and is part of many Europe/Scandinavian traditions.  Usually, a girl is elected to represent St Lucy and wears a crown of candles, everyone sings the Lucia song and then it is followed by a candlelight procession and they sing more Christmas carols.  St Lucy wears a candle crown to see her way as she brings small gifts to the children at Christmas.

St Lucy and the Candle Crown

Christmas Tree Lights

Peakles loves putting Christmas lights onto the tree and to decorate our home.  We use artificial lights and LED candles (for safety) but real candles were used before electric candles and lights were available.  The Christmas tree is a Germanic tradition that was brought to the UK and further afield during the Victorian era.

Christmas tree lights come in all shapes, colours and sizes.  Peakles and I love them all and there is nothing better than sitting down with the lights on the tree.

Christmas Trees Peakle Pie

Decorating the Rest of the Home

It is a tradition in our home to decorate it with lights on the inside, but many homes and businesses decorate on the outside too!  We often jump in our car and drive around our neighbourhood to look at the different lights.  It makes us smile and feel warm inside when we see all the lovely lights twinkling in the darkness.  This year we have also been looking online at how homes are decorated around the world too!

Decorated Homes for Christmas

We hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year!

Christmas in Different Lands

This series is all about the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world.  Hosted by Multicultural Kids Blog please do click on the links to read more about the wonderful ways we celebrate this particular holiday.


Christmas in Different Lands


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