Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns are very simple to create and I can remember making them when I was a child!  We were very excited about decorating Peakle Pie’s bedroom with all our Chinese New Year decorations.  Her favourite being the yellow and red chinese lanterns!

Chinese Lanterns
Chinese Lanterns

Here is what we did and how we did it!


A4 red and yellow thick paper or thin card.  Gold & red glitter glue pens (pva glue and glitter can be used as an alternative) .  Red, yellow and black ribbon.  Scissors (for adult use only).  Sticky tape.

What we did:

First we added glitter glue to the card board.


Peakles enjoyed mixing and swirling the glittery glue over the paper to create some interesting patterns and shapes.  We then allowed it to dry.  Once it was dry we folded the card in half lengthways (landscape) so that the glitter side was on the outside.  Fold the the outer edge into the inner fold and repeat with the other side.

Folded card
Folded card

I took the scissors and made cuts down the middle fold as shown in the picture.

Cut the ridge only
Cut the middle fold only

I then bent the card round and fixed it together with sticky tape.   Peakles fixed a ribbon with sticky tape to the inner part of the lantern so that you can hang it up.


Use a red and black felt tip pen and a gold pen to create a drawn scrolling design on the paper.  You could add gold stickers or sticky craft dots and then cover with gold and red glitter.


Using a pin or a pencil nib push through the paper to ‘pick out’ the design (remember to put a ball of dough behind the paper to press into – to avoid hurting yourself)


We think they look fabulous in Peakle Pie’s room!

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