Chinese New Year Lion Puppet


Chinese New Year Lion Puppet

As a continuation of our Chinese New Year Celebrations we have made a Chinese New Year Lion Puppet!  Traditionally are three main lions – Lui Pei, Gwang Gung and Chang Fei .  There can be many different variations on the style of the Lion and the dance is usually perfomed by a Kung Fu school.

Lui Pei Lions tend to have gold, silver or yellow faces with white or silver beards to show wisdom and stature.  Gwang Gung Lions have red faces with black or white beards to show bravery and leadership.  Chang Fei Lions have predominately black faces with a short black beard to show youthful fierce and quick tempered nature.

There is also a tradition of who can do these lion dances too.  Lui Pei lions are performed by Kung Fu schools that have established traditions and if the Lion has a very long beard then it is classed as a Sifu that has the respect of the general Kung Fu society.  Gwang Gung lions are generic ones and anyone can perform this lion dance.

We decided to make a Lui Pei lion puppet after seeing one dance at our local Chinese New  Year celebrations.

Lui Pei Lion

Materials needed:

1 silver or white plate.

red paper

2 sticks (popsicle or lollipop sticks would do)

2 googly eyes or white stickers with black pupils drawn on

sticky tape

white paper


coloured pompoms or stickers

What we did:

We cut out a mouth part from the paper plate and added a strip of red paper to attach the lower part of the mouth to the head.

We then attached the sticks to the back of our puppet.  The mouth should then open and close easily with the red paper showing when the mouth is open.

We then added the eyes and some pompoms to make it look colourful.

Take the scissors and cut a fringe from white paper.

Finally add these as eyebrows, moustache and a beard.

You should now have a super Lui Pei lion puppet!

Chinese Lion Puppet

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  1. Kate Cass

    Fantastic! not only are there some great crafts on this blog but this is amazing and will certainly make for fun during this bad weather! Thank you for sharing such great ideas

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