Chinese New Year – Lucky Money Envelopes

Lucky Money Envelopes are given at Chinese New Year as a sign of good fortune and wealth.  They are usually red and have good luck symbols written on them and there is usually some ‘lucky money’ put inside.  They are given as presents when people celebrate the New Year.

Lucky Money Envelopes
Chinese decorations at home

Peakles and I decided that we would like to give out some lucky money envelopes so we made them!

I am not an expert in Chinese calligraphy so we decided not to attempt to ‘write’ any good luck messages but just decorate our Lucky Money Envelopes instead.


Red envelopes, gold glitter glue pen, pva glue and gold glitter.  Gold card and scissors (depending on age and ability of the child then adult use only)

What we did:

Cut out a variety of sized circles from the gold card.  Decorate one red envelopes with ‘squiggly’ glitter glue pen swirls as a border.  Peakles really enjoyed making this envelope and was keen to make more!

For another envelope we stuck  three gold circles to the centre and then left it to dry.

We took another envelope and added swirls of glue.  Peakles covered it with gold glitter,  shook it off and left the envelope to dry.

Finally Peakles took an envelope and added a swirly glittery design.  She then stook one large gold circle to the front before leaving it to dry.


You could paint white envelopes with red paint and add gold glitter to the wet paint.  Or put a circle of glue on the  envelope and add gold glitter to make a ‘coin’ shape instead of using gold card.


Try tracing a Chinese ‘good fortune’ symbol onto the envelope.  Paint it carefully in black and allow it to dry or carefully cover the ‘symbol’ with glue and then cover in glitter.

We are filling our Lucky Money Envelopes with gold chocolate money and giving them to the rest of the family!

Lucky items for Chinese New Year

  Happy New Year Everyone!

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