How to Make Light Up Christmas Memory Baubles


Christmas memory baubles are the perfect way to making meaningful decorations that will last for beyond Christmas!  We are thrilled to be back for another post in the 10 Days of a Kid Made Christmas and love sharing our book inspired ornament with you today.

The book that inspired our creativity this time was The Perfect Gift by Thomas Nelson.  This story follows Squeaks and Big the mice in the lead up to Christmas.  Squeaks wants to get Big a perfect gift until Big explains that Squeaks is the perfect gift!

We wanted to make an ornament that would capture the essence of this story and we decided that Christmas memory baubles to light up the tree would be just the perfect gift!

Materials and Equipment You Will Need

You will need:

LED tealight   clear plastic bauble (that you can fill)   permanent markers  velvet ribbon   Christmas bell

Optional:  string   tinsel   beads   shells  photograph   white acrylic paint   stick on jewels

How To Make Your Light Up Christmas Memory Baubles

    1. Use the permanent markers to decorate the outside of your bauble.  We drew hearts and stars.
    2. Take some important things that represent you for this Christmas or for the past year and place inside the opened bauble. For example we used some beads from a necklace we had made and some shells that we had collected this year.
    3. Add a Christmas jingle bell.  We also added some sparkly tinsel and a wooden ladybird.
    4. Take the LED tealight and switch it on before placing inside the bauble.
    5. Close the bauble and add some velvet ribbon to hang it up.
    6. Decorate the outside of the bauble with extra stick on jewels.

More Ideas For Your Christmas Memory Baubles

  1. Measure the height of your child and cut a length of string to the same measurement.  Either make the string into a tiny ball or a skein and secure with a piece of ribbon.  Add a note to say how old the child was and this is the height they were just before Christmas and the date.  If you do one for every year and each child you will have a record of how much they have grown each year.
  2. Take some precious memories caught on camera and print them out, place these inside the baubles.
  3. Decorate the outside with a fingerprint snowman, reindeer or Santa.  If you do this every year it will show how much they have grown.
  4. Use some of the precious things you have collected or used during the year such as pressed flowers, acorns or small pebbles.  You could also add a lock of hair or baby’s first little sock.
  5. Not got children? Make one for your pet, yourself or a friend to remind them of the good times you have shared together.
  6. Capture the scent of Christmas by adding some cloves, dried fruit, pine cones or a cinnamon stick.

We have thoroughly enjoyed making these and cannot wait to hang them on our tree this weekend.  I think we may have created a family tradition for the following years as well!

10 Days of a Kid Made Christmas

This article was originally part of the 10 Days of a Kid Made Christmas hosted by Mama Miss.

We have updated this festive article for you in 2020!

Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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