Colour Mixing with Cellophane

Colour Mixing with Cellophane

As a child I can remember playing with different coloured perspex shapes at school.  These were one of the most popular ‘toys’ to play with amongst my school friends.  But the most magical thing was when you held them up to the light.  They looked like real jewels and when you put two together they changed colour!  This may have been one of the magical moments that stirred my lifelong interest in art and design!

So when we decided to take part in the 60 Day Junk Play Challenge there was an opportunity to use cellophane and we jumped at the chance!

Colour Mixing With Cellophane pin


What We Used

Coloured cellophane sweet (candy) wrappers

Cellophane offcuts from previous craft activities

Cellophane from flower bouquets

A window on a sunny day (or you could use a simple light-box)


What We Did

First we looked at and sorted the cellophane into different colours.

Then we explored what would happen when we put one colour over the top of the other.  It was brilliant to see our daughter’s face light up when she realised that the blue and yellow wrappers made a green colour.

Colour Mixing collage

We also explored how to deepen a colour by adding more layers of the same colour.  We did this by taping the cellophane to the window one on top of the other.  We discovered that when there were more layers there was less light coming through the coloured cellophane which led to our final exploration into colour mixing!

We taped ALL the cellophane in layers until we had a muddy dark brown/almost black colour that let very little light through!  We decided it was like being on the wrong side of a rainbow!

Cellophane colour mixing collage

So we had found that all the colours together let little or no light through at all.  A fantastic start to exploring light and colour through play.  We will have to make our own rainbow!

Now to find a prism to explore light and refraction……


We are thrilled to be part of the 60 Day Junk Play Challenge hosted by Best Toys 4 Toddlers.  A collaboration of many different bloggers with  huge variety of ideas, skills and thoughts on ways to play.  Each of the 60 days has a particular junk material to focus on and each day one of these bloggers will be sharing their post about that material with the world.



Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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