Creative Maths Magic to Amaze Your Friends


Creative Maths Magic to Amaze Your Friends

Mathematics can be pretty cool and there are a few ways that you can amaze your friends with some maths magic!  These are easy tricks that will have people scratching their heads, laughing out loud and just being amazed by your mathematical powers!  Are you ready to learn more about some maths magic?  Then read on!


Magic Maths for Kids

The Amazing 9x Table Hand Trick

Have you ever wondered how some people can work out their 9x table really quickly and want to do it too?  Well this trick is for you!

First you need to have both hands facing you palms up.  You will be working from left to right, with your left thumb being 1 and your right thumb being 10.

Think of a number between 1 and 10.  You will then multiply 9 by this number.

Count along from one to that number and then close that finger (or thumb) down.  Now it is time to read the answer!

In the example picture we have decided on 3.  We have counted along three and closed the finger down.  On the left of this finger we have 2 digits and on the right of the finger we have 7 digits.  The answer to 3×9  is 27!


Make your Friends Think They Have an Extra Finger!

Ask your friend to count the digits on both hands.  Once they have said that they have 10 you can tell them that you can make an extra finger appear by maths magic in front of their eyes!

Start by having all their fingers closed. Tell them that when you say your magic words the extra finger will magically appear.

Then ask them to slowly open a finger and count up to 10.  When they reach 10 say your magic words, then say ten out loud and then close the first digit when you say 9.  Close a digit down as you count down.

When you get to 1 your friend will still have a unfolded finger and therefore you have magically created an Extra Finger!  Watch them try to work it out!

The Calendar Wizard

For this you will need a calendar that is set in square or rectangle for each month like below.  Ask your friend to pick a square of numbers from the calendar.  This will need to be a square 3 by 3 as shown.

You will then be a Calendar Wizard and quickly tell them the total of all the numbers in the square when added together!  In a few seconds you will say what it is and your friends will be amazed at how quickly you added it all together!  In fact they will want to test you again and again and each time you will amaze them!

But What is the Secret to Being a Calendar Wizard?

First find the number in the middle of the square.  Multiply by 10 and then subtract the original number!  You will always have the correct answer!

See our example below!

Calendar Wizard

Now you know that mathematics is just a part of everyday life! We are thrilled to be joining in again with the Cool Maths for Cool Kids series, making learning maths fun for kids of all ages!  Click through to see what other parents, educators and teachers are posting as part of this brilliant series. Cool Maths for Cool Kids badge Plus if you are a blogger and you have posted about teaching and learning about maths then feel free to join in the linky below!

Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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