5 Awesome Tips on How to Make Flowers Look Stunning


Different people send cut flowers for all sorts of reasons.  They can be part of a celebration or just because they smell sweet.  Therefore, sending or receiving a bouquet of flowers can be all about love, hope or sadness.  They are grabbed from a supermarket or from a flower shop. Flowers can be bought on a whim or planned in advance.

The main thing is to make sure that the flowers look as stunning as possible for as long as possible.  I share some top tips on how to make and keep those flowers looking their best.

Top Tips For Displaying Cut Flowers

  1. Water  – this means checking and changing the water in the vase or container on a daily basis and do use the plant food that comes with the bouquet.  Tap water is ok to use but if possible use cold filtered water instead.
  2. Cutting and re-cutting the stems – do this with every water change it will help the flowers remain fresh.
  3. Spruce and Tidy up – remove any cut flowers or foliage that is looking past it’s best and feel free to rearrange the display or pop into smaller vase if you have removed some dead flowers.
  4. Cleaning – before and after each use make sure that you sterilize the vase or container to kill off any bugs that could shorten the life of the flowers
  5. Vases, Containers and Bottles – choose a variety of different vases, containers or even pop bottles to put flowers in.  You can use different colours, heights and sizes to create a duo or trio display.  Don’t forget you can use sterilized pebbles, or coloured water beads to add something a little different to your flower display.

The main thing is to have fun playing around with your cut flower display and do not be afraid to mix home-grown flowers with store-bought ones as well!

Why not try some of these ideas, or try some of your own, take a photo and share it with us on Instagram?

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