D is for Dough – Herb and Onion Dumplings

Herb and Onion Dumplings

A-Z Cooking with Kids Teenagers

The Teen has made a basic a stew or casserole before but he wanted to know what else he could serve it with rather than just potatoes and vegetables.  When we talked about making home made dumplings he thought that it may not be easy to do.  He decided to try out our tasty family recipe and see if it was as easy to make and he was pleasantly surprised!

Cooking with Kids WH Dough

Basic Skills

The skill we decided to focus on was his timing skills and organisational skills.  Often in cooking it is the timing that is crucial.  It does get easier as you become more experienced but as a new cook it can seem daunting.  The main thing was to prepare and start cooking the stew or casserole and then make the onion and herb dumplings.  These were to be added to the casserole once it had been cooking for half an hour.  The dumplings themselves would take about 20 to 30 minutes to cook through.


After making a basic casserole and putting it into the oven it was time to start the preparation for the onion and herb dumplings.  He gathered his ingredients together and set to work.  First he weighed out the butter, cubed it and then popped it back into the fridge to keep cool.  He then peeled and finely chopped an onion before adding it to a bowl with the other ingredients.  After adding the cooled cubed butter he began to rub the flour and butter together until he had a breadcrumb like mix.  Once he had added the water and mixed it together with a knife, he began kneading the dough and then divided the dough it into 4 equal parts.  Finally he rolled these into a ball shape before adding them to the top of the casserole.


He put the casserole dish back into the cooker and left it to finish cooking for another 20 – 30 minutes.

And the Verdict?

Lovely hot and filling.  The onion and herb dumplings made an ordinary casserole taste extra special.  Served with a baked potato and some mixed vegetables this was definitely a tasty, filling and budget saving recipe.


Cooking with Kids Teenagers


Below is our recipe for you to print off and use – just click on the printer button on the right hand side of the recipe box!

[ultimate-recipe id=”3107″ template=”default”]


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