Top Cleaning Tips For Great Results


Cleaning your home is and ideal way to shake off those seasonal blues.  I know we sometimes wonder where to start.  So here are four cleaning tips that will give quick results as well as saving you some money too!

Cleaning and Clearing the Clutter

Set a 30-minute timer before you begin cleaning.

Take three boxes.  Decide to declutter one room or part of a room (if it is large or very cluttered).  Fill one box with essential things to keep, fill the other box with things to throw.  Fill the third box with things you are unsure whether to keep or not.

Once you have done this, put the keep box items away.  Sort the throw out items box into charity, recycle or bin piles and GET RID OF THEM ASAP!

Next, take the not sure box and place it in an out of the way place, such as the garage or spare room.  Note two weeks on the calendar and if you have not needed, wanted or even thought about these items, then make it into a throw out box and follow the charity, recycle or bin rules.

Do this once or twice a day for a week or until your home is decluttered

Sweep, Mop, Vacuum and Boogie

Set your timer and pick a room. Grab your brush, mop or vacuum cleaner and have a good old boogie whilst you clean with your favourite music turned up as loud as you dare!

Damp Dusting

Does dusting makes you sneeze and afterwards you wonder why you bothered as the dust resettles?  Take your dust cloth and dampen it with some spray made with a mixture of vinegar, lemon and water.  Wipe down non-porous surfaces and do a spot check before using on other surfaces to make sure it doesn’t mark.  On wooden surfaces use a cloth dampened down with your favourite furniture polish.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Throw open those windows and doors and let the fresh air in.  Use a mixture of washing liquid, vinegar, lemon and water spray and a cloth to wipe down any window panes, glass ornaments and mirrors to let the spring sunshine flood your home.

Wishing you all a quick and easy clean that costs little but has drastic results!

For more ideas try out these Cleaning with Vinegar Tips

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