Peakle Pie

We are delighted to host our sister site Peakle Pie – for more creative ideas for inspiring minds! Peakle Pie is curated by Samantha and Helen (the former being Peakles herself!).

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day with Fantastic Mr Fox

We love Roald Dahl day so much that we have refreshed this post just for you! September 13th is Roald Dahl Day and Peakles is becoming more interested in his children’s stories as she gets older.  Her older brother gave her his boxed set of books as well as the audio CD collection.  Out of...

Calendar Jigsaws

I love looking through these original articles where it all began nearly 8 years ago. I remember making these calendar jigsaws and think we may do something similar soon. Just after Christmas when we had put away all the decorations and were clearing out the empty boxes from all the toys Peakles had received, I...

How to Hold a Spooky Halloween Party

Spooky Halloween Party Halloween means Party Time!  We loved trying out these ideas a few years ago, and we plan to make some more this year too!  Simple party ideas that are quick and easy to make too! Halloween Party bits and pieces for a great spooky get together!  We wanted to have a Halloween party...

Paper Heart Bunting

We loved this paper heart bunting so much we have refreshed it just for you! Peakles loves Valentine’s Day and now that we are through our ‘snowflake’ crafting phase for this year, she naturally began to want more heart crafts to do! We are concentrating on her fine motor skills to help with her pencil grip...

How to Create Printed Heart Cards With Tiles

How to Create Printed Heart Cards With Tiles We enjoy exploring art, design and crafting together.  Often we may follow certain patterns or designs, other times my daughter will use the skills she has to explore a medium or idea on her own.  I was wanting to introduce printing as an art and design technique to...

How to Make a Festive Gift Pen Holder

How to Make a Christmas Gift Pen Holder Want to make a pretty and useful gift for your kids for Christmas?  Peakles and I have been thinking about gifts that we can make for the grandparents for Christmas.  Peakles she really enjoys drawing and writing when she visits, so we decided that some pretty pen...

How to Make a Pretty Christmas LED Light Holder

Christmas LED Light Holder Have you ever been in a candle-lit parade or procession only for your candle to blow out?  Are you worried about younger kids carrying naked flames when they are part of a choir?  We share a simple craft that is safe, practical and easy to make too! We hope you enjoy making...

How to Make a Lovely Christmas Tree Calendar

Christmas Tree Calendar Are you wanting to avoid the candy and chocolate filled advent calendars this year?  Do you want a simple way to count down the days to Christmas?  Then our fun and easy to make Advent Calendar should be perfect for you and your family! We love advent calendars and we like to...

How to Make Fabulous Narwhal Fingerprint Pictures

N is for…. Narwhal Fingerprint Pictures Peakles has just found out about the Narwhal!  Lots of us love whales and unicorns, Peakles is no exception, and she loves the idea of the Unicorn of the Sea!  We found out some cool Unicorn of the Sea Facts from the World Wildlife Fund and then decided to make some...

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