Eureka the National Children’s Museum


Eureka is a great place for children (and their accompanying grownups!) to relax and play.  There are different sections or galleries such as All about Me, which looks at how our bodies work and the brilliant Living and Working Together which has recreated a typical British High Street!  This area included a bank, post office, shop, garage and house.  The children are positively encouraged to explore, play and ask questions.  A truly great learning environment that encourages children to learn through what children do best – playing!  There were so many things to do, crack open a security box in the bank, shopping and scanning items in the shop, even putting on a hard hat and investigating what does actually happen when they dig up the roads!

Our daughter enjoyed filling up the child sized toy cars with fuel, our son enjoyed sending written messages along the pneumatic tube (a large tube that carries message pods from one area to another) from the shop to the bank  and back again.  Their father happily cracked the code for opening the safety deposit boxes in the bank vault and grinned as he set off the security alarms.  I enjoyed looking at the underground pipes where they had dug up the road.  Although my favourite bit was trying out all the different door knockers on the ‘front door’ and making lots of noise!

Noisy Door

Outside there is a giant sandpit, some huge outdoor games and an activity area that would test a budding gymnast too! In fact there is so much to see and do at Eureka the National Children’s Museum that we will have to plan another trip back!  As a parent it was great to see my children interacting, chatting and just playing together, despite a large age gap between them.

The Eureka staff are very friendly, eager to answer questions and I was delighted to see that many of them could use sign language as well.  The facilities were excellent and I loved that there was a not only a cafe which provided meals and drinks but there was also an indoor picnic area, ideal for people who had brought a picnic and wanted to stay in out of the cold and the rain.  Even the toilets were child friendly with some smaller sinks and toilets for the museum’s younger visitors.

Out of the whole visit the best bit for all four of us was controlling the weather clouds above the wonderful musical water fountain near the main entrance!  Making the weather clouds hover above it and sending the rain plummeting down onto the fountain was so funny.  People were looking around to see what was happening but did not realise it was us!  My inner child was grinning all the way home!

Musical Water Fountain

We enjoyed visiting this museum so much that we have refreshed it just for you!

Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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  1. Mummy Glitzer

    This sounds amazing and so much fun. In fact, I am genuinely not sure who would have more fun, me or my four year old!

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