F is for Flour – Rock Cakes with Twist


F is for Flour…

Rock Cakes with Twist

Peakles likes taking part in the A-Z Cooking with Kids and loves baking cakes.  This is a recipe that I remember my Grandma making for Sunday tea time!  We’ve added a twist to Grandma’s recipe which I’m sure will become a firm family favourite too!



We always get organised first so we put all of our ingredients out ready to start.

self raising flour   caster or soft brown sugar

baking powder    milk

cooking chocolate chips   chilli powder

sultanas (or any dried mixed fruit)   egg

unsalted butter or margarine


aprons    non stick baking tray

tablespoon    wooden spoon

large mixing bowl    small mixing bowl

whisk   measuring jug

measuring scales    timer

wire rack   sieve

What We Did

Before we always start cooking Peakles washes her hands and put her apron on.

I turned on the oven to preheat it.

We measured out all our ingredients and then sieved the flour and baking powder into the large bowl before adding the cubed butter.

Peakles used the tips of her fingers to rub the dry ingredients together until she had a mixture that looked like breadcrumbs.

We then added the fruit, chocolate chips and the chilli powder before stirring it all together.

Next Peakles cracked the egg into the smaller bowl and added the egg.  She used the electric whisk to mix it all together.

We carefully added the egg mix to the larger bowl and mixed everything together with the wooden spoon.

Peakles placed spoonfuls of the mixture onto the baking tray and left some space in between each one.

We both carefully opened the oven door and placed our tray of rock cakes into the oven until they were golden brown.

Peakles helped me to removed the baked rock cakes and we turned them out onto a wire rack to cool.


What We Thought

Peakles (and the rest of the family) thought that these Rock Cakes were DELICIOUS!  A lovely little chilli kick that went well with the chocolate chips.  The cakes themselves were hard on the outside and crumbly soft on the inside, perfect with a glass of cold milk!


F is for Flour - Rock Cakes


So F is for Flour – Rock Cakes with a Twist!

Below is our recipe for you to print off and use – just click on the printer button on the right hand side of the recipe box!

[ultimate-recipe id=”5296″]


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