Flotilla of Ships for Father’s Day


It will be Father’s Day this Sunday and Peakles is very excited to be making some new things for her Daddy. We have scratched our heads and Peakles has decided that she would like to make some ships for them to play with!

Ready to test our flotilla

We took some plastic lids from the coffee jars.  There were different sizes and shapes as we quite often change our instant coffee brand!  Peakles liked the colour of the gold ones but also liked the shape of the blue ones.  We talked about how things sink or float from our earlier experiments in the water tray in the garden.  Peakles could remember that most lids do float and we soon set to work on making some ships for Daddy to play with.

Coffee lids and paper sails

We took some un-sharpened pencils to use as masts.  Then Peakles took some play dough  and stuck it into the base of the plastic lid and put it to one side.

Adding play dough to the ship's hull

She cut out some rectangle shapes from some pretty paper that I had save from earlier in the year.  We then made two small cuts in the paper sails using our scissors.  After sticking the pencils into the play dough as masts, Peakles threaded the pencil through the paper sails.

Careful sail cutting


Peakles was thrilled to see her ships all ready for testing!  I filled a plastic washing up dish with some water and added some blue glitter to make the water seem even more shiny!

A flotilla of ships

Finally we did a test launch of the ships.  Peakles gently blew on the sails and both ships went whooshing over the sparkly sea.  Once we had fully tested (played) with them it became clear that the gold ships not only looked very dashing but were the most robust too.  We did actually sink quite a few in this test – I think we should have added more dough for ballast!

Testing our Ships

Peakles decided to put them away until Father’s Day.  I know that Daddy will be thrilled to see his new ships.  I will just have to make sure that the paddling pool is full of water for Sunday!

Now all we need to make is a Father’s Day card!

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