Greetings Card Jigsaws


Greetings Card Jigsaws

Peakles and I collect greetings cards.  We have piles of them saved from all occasions and sometimes we run out of ideas on what we can make with them.  Peakles has been feeling rather tired this week and just wanted to play but she didn’t know what to play with.

She came through with a bundle of greetings cards and I suggested that we make some jigsaws with them.  She looked at me as if I was the silliest person in the world!  But once I said it involved cutting with scissors she was convinced that it may be interesting after all.

Greetings Cards Jigsaw Puzzles

What We Needed:

Greetings cards

Scissors (child friendly ones!)

Pencil or pen


What We Did:

First we cut down the spine of the card and kept the piece with the main picture on.  The back of the card was saved for another crafting project.

Peakles then drew some lines on the reverse side of the card front (the blank bit not on the actual picture).

Once she was happy with the pattern she picked up her scissors and began cutting along the line.  I made sure that she was using the scissors carefully and safely.  This is great for developing those fine motor skills which are so essential for pencil grip and operating other tools too!

Peakles turned all the pieces over and mixed them up before grinning at me because she had made jigsaw puzzles that were ‘very hard’ to do!


How We Played:

First Peakles ‘helped’ me to put the pieces back together so that we could see the picture.  Then she decided to mix up two of the jigsaws together!  This was a little harder to do and she decided that she would sort out the pieces first and then do each puzzle separately.  Finally she wanted to make two jigsaw puzzles together from the mixed up pieces.

She thought this was more interesting than other jigsaws because we did not have a guide picture of the finished puzzle.  This meant that we had to rely on shape, descriptive language and cooperation for us to complete them.


Greetings Card Jigsaw Collage

However Peakles just thought it was great fun and loved putting that final piece in the puzzle!


Peakles is excited to be part of the 60 Day Junk Play Challenge hosted by Best Toys 4 Toddlers. We are part of a group of different bloggers who will be sharing ideas over the next two months.  We all have a huge variety of ideas, skills and thoughts on ways to play.  Each of the 60 days has a  junk material to focus on and each day one of us will be sharing our post about that material with the you and the rest of the world!


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