H is for Honey and Lemon Roast Chicken

H is for Honey with

A-Z Cooking with Kids Teenagers

Honey and Lemon Roast Chicken!

The Teen likes traditional Sunday roasts as well as other family recipes and home cooked food.  We decided that a few good recipes under his belt could help keep the homesick blues at bay when he moves away to university and cannot get home at the weekends.  The Honey and Lemon Roast Chicken recipe is ideal for a student budget too as it uses chicken pieces rather than cooking a whole bird.

H is for Honey & Lemon Roast Chicken

Basic Skills

The skills we decided to focus on were preparation and oven skills.  The Teen is increasingly becoming more confident in the kitchen and needs less supervision.


The Teen preheated the oven to 200c/gas mark 6 and then selected a medium sized oven proof dish

First he washed the chicken pieces in running cold water and then patted them dry.  He then placed them in the oven proof dish.

Next he cut the lemon in half, squeezing the juice from one half and cutting slices from the other half.  He then poured the lemon juice, added the herbs and put the lemon slices on top of the chicken.

Finally he drizzled the honey over the top of the chicken before covering the dish with a lid.


The Teen placed the chicken on the middle shelf of the preheated oven and cooked it for 30 minutes.  He then removed it from the oven, turned the chicken and placed the lid to one side before putting the dish back in the oven for another 10 minutes to brown off.

Before serving he checked that the meat was thoroughly cooked by inserting a skewer and making sure the juices were running clear.

And the Verdict?

A moist tasty dish that was relatively easy to make.  It was ideal to serve as an evening meal or as a Sunday Roast alternative!  The Teen served it with baked potatoes, vegetables and honey roast carrots which the whole family really enjoyed!


Cooking with Kids Teenagers

Below is our recipe for you to print off and use – just click on the printer button on the right hand side of the recipe box!



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Join the Teen & I next time when we discover I is for …

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  1. This looks – and sounds – delicious. I’ve printed it out actually as I think my two will really like this and could do it together (honey roast veggies sound lovely too!)

  2. Yum it looks delicious! So important to teach the teens to cook. All of my kids have enjoyed learning new recipes. Think I’ll try this one with them, Thanks x

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