2 Ways to Make Awesome Halloween Bunting


Halloween Bunting! Make your own ghostly crepe paper and scary pumpkin bunting!

This is the first year that Peakles is interested in Halloween, at least the more fun elements of this ‘scary’ night!  We decided to make some bunting to decorate the living room.  Plus giving Daddy a ‘scare’ when he came home.

A quick and easy craft that can be used to decorate inside and outside a building or home and is quite easy for toddlers to make as well as older children.

This is made mainly from crepe paper (although you could use fabric or tissue paper) if you are wanting to decorate outside then a waterproof material may be a better option if you live in a wet climate (like us!)

How We Made Our Halloween Bunting

The first thing that Peakles and I did was to cut out some squares of crepe paper.  We had white for ghosts and orange for pumpkins.  We used a small ball of aluminium foil and placed it in the middle of the orange square of paper.

Peakles carefully gathered together the four corners of the square and twisted the top to make a pumpkin head shape.

We added some black eyes and a smiling mouth.  We repeated this until we had lots of little friendly pumpkins!

Next we wrapped the white paper around a ball of aluminium foil ( you could use a table tennis ball or a scrunched up a piece of paper) and tied underneath with a piece of string.  We took a black marker and drew on some ghostly faces.

Finally, we took some orange and white string and attached our ghosts and pumpkins to it.  If you were decorating a larger space such as a hall or dance room, you could use larger squares of fabric and use a balloon instead of aluminium foil as the ‘head’ of the ghost or pumpkin and attach them to a centre piece or weight (if using a helium balloon).

Peakles was very pleased with our Halloween Bunting and I must admit it was a fun project to do too.

This post is updated for 2019

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    1. Peakle Pie

      Thanks Kim! They really are so easy to make and I think that they look better than the shop bought ones! Plus it involves the little ones in the decorating too. Peakles made the more cute than scary – which is just right for her age group!

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