Have Fun Playing These Awesome Games Like A Goat

Awesome Goat Games!

Peakles and I love goats, they are just so funny, bouncy, clever and always seem to be pleased to see us!  We love visiting at our local petting zoo and we secretly hope to look after a herd of our own one day!  To  celebrate International Goat Day this year we’ve decided to get some exercise, improve our gross motor skills and have some brilliant goat fun too!



Goat Tick Tack Toe

You will need:

Two people.  Some material to make a # shape on the ground.  (We used some scarves!)  Some paper plates with an X or O written on them.

How to Play Goat Tick Tack Toe:

One person has plates with X and the other has plates with O on.  Play just like ordinary Tick Tack Toe, however, who decides to go first has to jump onto the square in the grid and place their plate at their feet.  The next person jumps into the grid to place their plate.  Carry on playing the game by jumping about like jumpy goats until someone wins the tick tack toe game.  We loved playing this and it combines jumping skills with game tactics too!

What Time is it, Mr Troll?

You will need:

2+ people

How to Play:

This game is based on ‘What Time is It Mr Wolf?’  One person is the troll and stands in front of a wall or fence with their back to everyone and they have their eyes covered.  The rest of the players are the goats.

The object of the game is to get to the green grass on the other side of the bridge by touching the wall before the hungry troll jumps up and captures them.  The goats have to ask ‘What time is it Mr Troll?’ to which Mr Troll says a time and turns around.  The goats have to stand still until Mr Troll turns back around.  If Mr Troll says ‘dinner time’ he gets to chase the goats back over the bridge to the other side.  If Mr Troll catches a player, then they are out of the game.

The winner is the person who manages to touch the wall before Mr Troll says ‘dinner time’ and catches them.

Musical Goats

You will need:

Players and Music

How to Play:

Just like musical statues, when the music plays all the players jump and moves around like goats making ‘baa’ noises until the music stops and then they have to stand like goat statues.  If they move they are out.  The winner is the last person standing.

Peakles and her friends enjoy playing these games and we may even have a goat inspired party to go with them this year!

Join In With A Quirky Blog Hop

International Goat Day Quirky Blog Hop Badge

More yummy recipes, craft activities and some fun play ideas as well!  Celebrate on June 20th this year.  Joining in with this quirky blog hop are some wonderful bloggers from around the world.  This blog hop is all about sharing interesting crafts and activities aimed at kids of all ages.

The Usual Mayhem shares a fantastic How to Milk a Goat and How to Make a DIY Milking Stand post!

Tuff Spot Play shared a brilliant 3 Billy Goats Gruff Tuff Spot idea

Kid Minds shares awesome Goat Activity Sensory Play ideas and Goat Books as well!

Peakle Pie has some Fun Playing These Goat Games

Witty Hoots shares some wonderful Goat Ideas in a Round Up

Something 2 Offer shares these cute FREE Goat Coloring Pages

Kelly’s Classroom shared this brilliant book review all about Beatrice’s Goat

We are thrilled to be part of another Quirky Blog Hop!  Help us celebrate on June 20th by adding your own Goat Inspired Blog Posts.

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