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Paper Flower

Have you ever wondered if your country, county or state had its own flower?  With some research, we found that Northumberland’s County Flower is called the Bloody Crane’s Bell or Bloody Geranium which sounds horrible but is actually a very pretty flower.  The latin name for our county flower is Geranium Sanguineum.

Bloody Cranes Bill Pinterest Witty Hoots

The plants have white/pink or  and purple/blue colours and can be found growing in woods and copses throughout the county.  The flower has about five petals and is quite small, no larger than a toddler’s hand.

We decided to make some paper Geranium Sanguineum to brighten up our newly refurbished office and craft room.


Materials needed:

White Paper      Cardboard      Sticky Tape

Scissors      Purple and Pink Paint      Glue

Small Beads or Glitter       Green Straws        Pencil


How to Make a Simple Paper Flower

First, put a drop of paint in the centre of the paper.  Using a brush or sponge spread the paint out from the centre of the paper to edge then leave to dry.

Next, draw a petal shape onto a piece of cardboard and cut this out.  This will be a template for the flower.  On the unpainted side of the paper draw around the template until you have a full flower shape.  Cut this out carefully with the scissors.

Turn over the paper and add some glue to the centre of the flower to make a little smiling face. Add some beads or glitter.

Once the glue has dried turn over the flower and stick a straw to the back with glue or sticky tape.

Make a few smiling Geranium Sanguineum and pop them into a vase, bottle or empty mason jar.

We loved making this pretty flower and a mason jar full of them certainly brightens the room.  Why not find out what your county or state’s flower is and make a smiling flower of your own?

Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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