How to Make an Amazing Spooky Sensory Box

How to Make an Amazing

Spooky Sensory Box

Are you looking for some great Halloween party ideas without costing the earth?  Want some party games that will appeal to both young and old?  Then we have a great idea that we want to share with you that will not break the bank but may cause a squeal or two!

We love Halloween parties, but we have noticed how commercialised it has become.  Plus everyone has the same bought items which can mean many Halloween get together’s are indistinguishable from each other.  This is why we wanted to share a simple and funny Halloween idea with you to make your party goers squeal!

Spooky Sensory Box

Materials You Will Need

A cereal box or boxes (you can use larger or smaller boxes if you want to)

Orange and black wrapping paper or paint

Some fabric or feathers

A plastic plate or bowl.

How to Make It

Take your box and open the top so that you can get your hand inside the box.  If you are using a smaller box then either remove one side to allow a hand or a couple of fingers inside.

Next you need to decorate the box.  You can wrap it in orange and black wrapping paper or paint it in Halloween colours.  You can even paint eyes on the box and make the hole into a scary mouth!

Finally place material in the box and place the plate or bowl inside it as well.

Who is sitting in my chair- Spooky Sensory Box

How to Make it REALLY Scary!

This is the really fun bit. You can place different things on the plate.  When you place your hand inside the box you cannot see the items and you can only feel what is on the plate. You can use a variety of different things to make your spooky sensory box!

Why not try:

  • Cold, wet pasta for some squidgy ‘worm’ fun.
  • Peeled grapes or small skinned tomatoes can feel very strange and ‘eyeball’ like.
  • Pinecones and conkers can feel very strange and kids love the contrast between the smooth conker and the prickly pine cone.
  • Cereals such as crunchy cornflakes, crispy rice or porridge oats take on a spooky feeling inside the spooky sensory box.
  • Shaving foam, oobleck and ice cubes feel very different when you cannot see what it is on the plate!

Try to extend the spooky sensory fun by asking questions!  What does it feel like?  What do you think it could be?

And remember to reveal what is inside the ‘scary sensory box’!  Be as dramatic as you like and watch their faces as they realise the monster eyeballs are nothing more than squishy grapes!

We hope you enjoy making a spooky sensory box and have a great Halloween too!


Homemade Halloween

We are sharing this with some great writers as part of Homemade Halloween series being hosted by P is for Preschooler.  To find out other spooktacular Halloween ideas then click on the image below!



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  1. The peeled grapes or cold spaghetti would have completely creeped me out if I felt them without knowing what it really was! lol! This would be such a fun idea for a party!

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