How to Make Calming Sensory Playdough

Calming Sensory Playdough

We’ve made Calming Sensory Playdough after reading this week’s Virtual Book Club book, Time for Bed by Mem Fox.  This is a simple and easy dough to make which can help little ones calm down in their play before bedtime.  We loved making and playing with this dough and it is so simple to make too.




large bowl/container   toilet/tissue paper   water   chamomile teabags   glitter   children’s lavender lotion

How to Make the Calming Dough

First, boil some water and make up a 1/2 pint of chamomile tea and leave to cool.  Next, shred the paper into the large container before adding the glitter and 1/4 cup of children’s lotion.  Then, add the cooled chamomile tea and mix together until the paper breaks down and makes a paper mache like dough.  At this point, we added the contents of the tea bags too to add extra texture.  Once the dough is thoroughly cooled then you can play with it.


The smell of the chamomile and the lavender is lovely and makes the dough feel silky smooth as well.  We enjoyed squashing and moulding the dough into different shapes and the lotion made our hands lovely and smooth too!

Please note: This is NOT a taste safe playdough.  As always please take care with the ingredients and make sure that your child is not allergic to any of them. 


Virtual Book Club 2016-2017


Peakles and I are thrilled to be a co-host for the Virtual Book Club organised by Rainy Day Mum, The Educators Spin on It and Toddler Approved.  Join us on a weekly basis, where we read a book and do a related activity as well.

We would LOVE to have you join the Virtual Book Club for Kids too! Just read the book and do an apple themed activity with your kids! Be sure to join us at the VBC Facebook page too! If you want more details about the VBC (including a list of upcoming books), click here.


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