How to Make Cute Fingerprint Cats


How to Make Cute Fingerprint Cats

Want a quick and quirky cats craft that will keep kids of all ages amused?  Run out of wrapping paper or need a gift idea that is inexpensive?  Peakles and I want to share a great little craft that we love to make together!

Cute Fingerprint Cats

Fingerprints, handprints, footprints!  Peakles has always enjoyed getting her fingers, hands and feet covered in paint to create different shapes on paper.  As we have been reading all about cats and kittens this week, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to create some artworks based on cats!  Great for popping in a spare photo frame or making a bookmark for your favourite book!  These little fingerprint cats are cute and so quick to make too!


Materials Needed

Paper    Paints    Pencils or Pens

How We Made Our Cute Fingerprint Cats

First we added small blobs of paint to our sheet of paper.  You can add the paint to a container if you do not want to place it directly on the paper.  Next Peakles and I carefully placed our fingers in the paint and began to make fingerprints all over the paper.

We also placed our fingers in more than one colour at a time to get a multicoloured fingerprint.  By placing small prints next to larger fingerprints, we began to think about all the different ways cats sit, sleep, run and jump!  Then we left the prints to dry.

Once the paint had dried we looked carefully at our fingerprints.  The paint had run together and had dried lighter or darker in different parts of the paper.  We then took our pencils and pens and began to add ears, whiskers and other cat features to our fingerprints.  The more we did this, the more we found cat-like markings in our fingerprints, all we needed to do was add a couple of ears or whiskers and suddenly our fingerprint would spring into life!

Cute Fingerprint Cats Peakle Pie

Peakles wants to put some of these in a photo frame for her room.  Plus we have been using the crafting scissors to make some awesome looking bookmarks, ideal for Peakles now she is starting to read more books!

A-Z Kids Crafts Series

Peakles and I are excited to be taking part in A-Z Kids Crafts series hosted by Play Dough and Popsicles.  Check out some of the great craft ideas from A-Z by clicking through on the image below!

AZ Kids Crafts


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