How to Make Festive Sprout Decorations for Christmas



How to Make Festive Sprout Decorations for Christmas

Do you love or loathe sprouts at Christmas?  Are people constantly saying that you NEED to have sprouts for Christmas?  Have you ever bought too many sprouts for the festive season?  Join Peakles and I as we create some festive decorations so that you can sincerely say that you do have sprouts for Christmas!

How to Make Sprout Decorations for Christmas

Materials You Will Need


Silver or Gold Foil



Mini Organza Bags

Sequins and Sparkles

Festive Coloured Ribbons

How to Make Your Sprout Christmas Decorations

Remember to remove any dirt from your sprouts and that these decorations can only be used for a short length of time before they will have to be discarded or replaced.

Decorating Festive Sprouts

Foil Sprouts

Peakles took a square of foil and placed a sprout in the centre.  She then pressed the foil around the sprout until it was fully covered.  We made sure that there was a gathering of foil at the top of our sprout decoration.  Peakles chose a red and a white piece of ribbon to tie around the top of her sprouts before hanging them on our table centrepiece.

Sprouts in Organza Bags

Peakles chose some glittery sequins, some fluffy white ribbon and some mini organza bags.  In one of the organza bags she placed some sequins and in the other she placed the fluffy white ribbon.  Finally, Peakles added a sprout to each bag and then closed it up.  We hung these up using the handles on the bags.

Sparkly Sprouts

Peakles enjoyed this the most as it involved some PVA glue, glitter and sequins!  First we placed lots of glitter and sequins in a plastic container.  Peakles placed the sprout in the container and squeezed glue onto it.  She then rolled the sprout in the sparkles and sequins until it was covered!  After leaving the sprouts to dry, we then tied a bright red ribbon around them before hanging them on our festive holly centrepiece.

Create Festive Sprout Decorations

Peakles and I think our Sprout Decorations are unique, fun and very festive!

30 Days of Homemade Kid Ornaments

We join in with some other bloggers to share our homemade kid ornaments to get you all in the festive mood.  30 Days of Homemade Kid Ornaments is hosted by The Resourceful Mama.  Click on the image below to find out more!


Homemade Kid Ornaments



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  1. Thanks for participating in the homemade ornament series. I love how creative and unusual this ornament is. I like that it is something new and not all over Pinterest.

  2. Never hear of a sprouts ornament either. Although clever we LOVE sprouts and I could never see us wasting them!! Carrots on the other hand……..

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