How to Make Pretty Flowers from Recycled Gift Paper


How to Make Pretty Flowers from Recycled Gift Paper

Peakles and I are thrilled to be taking part in Project: Recycle and Create again this year!  What a brilliant way to use the bits and pieces around the home that would normally go in the recycling bin!  Now we can put those things to good use and make some beautiful, fun and interesting things to brighten our day!  This month the material is RECYCLED GIFT PAPER!

We still have lots of gift paper left over from last month and I thought that it would be great to make some pretty gift paper flowers with it!  Ideal for brightening the windowsills and they are so much fun to make.  We made three different kinds of paper flower, each one requires more advanced skills so they ideal if you have children with a varying age/skill range too!

Gift Paper Flowers Peakle Pie

Materials Needed

Scissors      gift paper      pipe cleaners      sticky tape       pencil      cup

How to Make It

Here are the instructions for the three different flowers Peakles and I made together:

General Flower:

The petals of the flower – Take the gift wrap and carefully draw around the cup to make a circle.  Cut the circle out and fold it in half and then in half again.  Now draw a wavy line on the edge of the circle and cut around it or make small cuts along the edge of the circle to make a pattern.  Unfold the paper circle and make a small hole in the centre.

The centre (stamen) & stem- Take a rectangle of paper and roll it up to make a cone shape.  Push the pointed end of the cone through the hole and secure it with sticky tape.  Wrap the pipe cleaner around the of the cone to make a stem for the flower.


Take the cup to draw around and cut out three circles.  Fold the circles in half and then make vertical cuts from the edge of the circle to about half way down to the centre.  Be careful not to cut too far.  Unfold the circles and then roll them into loose cones.  Put the three cones together and secure the points with sticky tape.  Finally, wind the pipe cleaner around the base of the flower to make a stem.


Take a long strip of rectangular paper and fold one edge over about 1 cm (1/2 inch) in.  Then start to roll the paper up loosely.  Occasionally pinch the end of the paper together and secure with a little sticky tape.  Once the paper is fully rolled up secure the edge with sticky tape on the underside of the paper rosebud.  Bend and loosen the edge of the petals slightly before attaching a pipe cleaner stem to the base of the rosebud!

Gift Wrap Paper Flowers from Peakle Pie

Peakles loved making these flowers and they look lovely on her windowsill.  She plans on making more flowers soon, and I think they would make an ideal gift for Valentines Day, Easter or Mother’s Day too!

2016 Project Recycle and Create Main Image

More Project: Recycle and Create Ideas – material

We are joining in with a group of global bloggers, each one has come up with a different way of recycling and creating with common household materials.

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Remember to check out the about the above posts!

Next Month’s Material for Project: Recycle and Create  is ….. SCRAP FABRIC

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