How To Make These Amazingly Festive Paper Baubles

Amazingly Festive Paper Baubles

These festive paper baubles are so easy to make!  Earlier this month we made some adorable sparkly tree twirlers as we love making our own Christmas decorations.  It is a great craft to share with the kids too, so we decided to share our festive paper baubles with you today!


Materials and Equipment

You will need:

festive wrapping paper





A4 paper or card

split pins

sparkly pom poms



thread or string

How to Make Your Festive Paper Baubles

First, glue the wrapping paper onto the A4 paper or card and leave to dry (or you can print out a festive pattern onto the paper or card).  Place the paper so that the decorated side is face down and then draw some straight lines across the paper leaving a 1cm gap.

Then, take the scissors and cut into strips and gather together into a pile with the decorated side facing up.  At one end push a pencil through the paper (make sure the plasticine is underneath to stop the point going into you) to make a hole.  Once you have done this put a split pin through this end and secure it.  Turn the stack of paper strips around and gently bend the papers before making a hole in the other end and adding the split pin.

Next, fan out the strips of paper until you have a paper bauble.  Push the glittery pom poms into the centre of the bauble before securing the paper strips with another split pin.  Glue the thread to the top of your paper bauble, you could also place a pom pom over the glue too!  Finally, add some glue and glitter for an extra sparkly effect!


We really enjoyed making these and they are so easy and quick for youngsters to make as well.  Another ideal rainy or snowy day project on the lead up to the festive season!

Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments

We are delighted to be taking part in the Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop this year hosted by Crafty Mama in ME.  Packed full of great and simple ideas for you to keep your youngsters engaged and occupied during the festive season!  Join us as we will be taking part later in the series too!


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