How to Make These Cute Paper Plate Piglets

How to Make These Cute Paper Plate Piglets

Peakles loves making Paper Plate Piglets, do you?  We are so excited to be back to reading new books this year and we have been avidly reading A.A. Milnes Winnie the Pooh!  We have a book that includes the original illustrations by E H Shepherd and we have a more modern version that includes the illustrations that most people are familiar with from the films and merchandise.

Peakles asked why Piglet looked different in the two books so we decided to make some compare and contrast Piglets.  This was a great activity and involved us comparing and contrasting the two books as well.  These Piglets also helped Peakles think about the time scale of old and new illustrations.  They were great story starters too and she is thinking up some lovely stories about the adventures the two Piglets could have!



Materials and Equipment Needed

paper plates      pink paper      scissors      green paper

pencils      pens      pipe cleaners      gluestick      sticky tape

How We Made Paper Plate Piglets

First, Peakles cut the pink paper into pieces and then began to glue them onto one of the paper plates.  Next, she asked me to draw Piglets head on another paper plate to cut around.  We used this as a template for the other Piglet too.  She then glued the green strips of paper onto the original Piglet’s body.  As the glue was drying, Peakles coloured in Pink Piglets head, adding eyes a nose and mouth.  She decided to leave the Green Piglet’s head as it was and asked me to draw the facial features on for her.

Once the glue had dried Peakles wrapped pink and black pipe cleaner around the bodies to make stripes and secured them by folding the ends of the pipe cleaner around the back of the plate.  She then made some pipe cleaner arms and legs and stuck these onto the back of the paper plates with sticky tape.

Peakles really enjoyed making these Paper Plate Piglets, she was engrossed in what she was doing and even got her camera to take some photos of them holding hands!  She also learned that by manipulating and pinching the pipe cleaners together she could form shapes and even make them stay on the plate with no glue!



It was interesting to hear Peakles talk about the similarities between the two piglets and the differences as well.  She talked about the characters as two separate identities with common characteristics rather than the same character from the book.  It was really interesting to see how she talked about this concept and how the two Piglets could interact with each other!

We cannot wait to make more characters from the books and see what sort of conversations and adventures they all have together!

Winnie the Pooh Day – Celebrating A.A. Milne’s Birthday

Winnie the Pooh Day Badge

We join some fellow bloggers from around the globe who are celebrating the birthday of A. A. Milne, on 18th January.  A.A. Milne created the stories about Winnie the Pooh for his son Christopher Robin.  To find out more about this blog hop see Winnie the Pooh Day hosted by Peakle Pie.

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Have you posted a Winnie the Pooh inspired activity, craft or recipe?  Then why not join in by adding your link below!


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