How to Make Yak’s Milk with Fun Yeti Straws

Yak’s Milk and Yeti Straws!

We love finding out about different animals, especially finding out if they are real or if they appear to be a myth or legend!  We decided to do Y is for Yak and Yeti too!  We made some ‘Yak’s Milk’ and some Yeti and Yak straws to drink it with!  We hope you enjoy making this healthy, yummy drink and drinking them too.



 Yak and Yeti Straws

We love making funny little crafts and this was a little inspiration from playing around with some paper and straws!  We decided to make some yak and yeti drinking straws as we were finding out more about a yak and a yeti!

Materials and Equipment

Strong paper or thin card     googly eyes     PVA glue     drinking straws      scissors       coloured pens

How to Make it!

Cut out the head shape of your yak or yeti.  Then cut two holes to poke the drinking straw through.  Next, Peakles glued on the eyes and then added the facial features before leaving them to dry.  All we needed now was a drink to use them with!


Yak’s Milk is Pink!

Peakles was amazed to find out that yak’s milk really is pink!  Now we don’t actually have any yaks to hand but we wanted to make some yak’s milk.  So we decided to make a tasty and healthy alternative.

We took 10 fresh strawberries and half a litre of semi skimmed milk.  Peakles placed the washed strawberries in the smoothie maker and then added the milk, before turning it on.  The smoothie maker made a loud noise and Peakles watched as the white milk turned pink just like yak’s milk.

We served the pink milk in glasses and drank them with our Yak and Yeti Straws!


A-Z Animals Series

We are excited to be part of the A-Z Animals Series hosted by Teach Me Mommy.  Each day a different letter means a whole host of new games ideas or activities for children to do.  Why not check out X is for Xenarthra (click on the link to find out what a Xenarthra is!)  and remember to tune into tomorrow for Z is for….

A-Z Animals

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