How to Play These Fun Elephant Games

E is for Elephant Games

We love playing memory and word games, especially when we are on holiday or out and about!  So when we were thinking about what we could do for E is for Elephant we thought these three elephant games would be perfect!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Unpack the Elephant’s Trunk

This game can be used with props or without.  We played this with props but you can just play the game from memory too.  Put different items such as toys, clothes and shoes in a box, suitcase or bag.  Then each person takes out one item and places it on the floor.  As you do this you have to say “Nellie the Elephant unpacked her trunk and she had brought a …”  The next person has to unpack an item and say “Nellie the Elephant unpacked her trunk and she had brought a …. and a ….”  Each person carries on unpacking and remembering the order of the unpacked things. Why not try repacking the trunk in the same order or remembering a new order!

Elephant Memory Game

You will need a tray, some toys, a cloth and a grey sock!  Place all the items on the tray and let everyone look at them for one minute.  Then cover up the tray with the cloth and everyone closes their eyes.  Someone wears the sock on their hand like an elephant’s trunk.  They put the trunk under the cloth and removes one or two items and hides them.  Everyone opens their eyes and the cloth is removed.  Then everyone has to work out what is missing by remembering what was on the tray.



This is a really easy game to and most children can take part if they know their alphabet.  The object of the game is to create the word Elephant from the first letter of things around them.  For example, if you are at the store you may see some Eggs, Limes, Eggplant, Potatoes, Hummus, Apples, Nuts, Tumeric – which spells ELEPHANT – once you have spelt the name you have to may some trumpeting noises just like a real elephant!  You can also play it using  other things such as girls names, animals, types of plants and so on!


A-Z Animals Series

We are excited to be part of the A-Z Animals Series hosted by Teach Me Mommy.  Each day a different letter means a whole host of new games ideas or activities for children to do.  Why not check out D is for Duck and remember to tune into tomorrow for F is for….

A-Z Animals


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