How to Take Great Photos on a Country Walk


How to Take Great Photos on a Country Walk

Adventures for Kids With Cameras!

Do you wonder what your kids are really looking at when you go out for a walk?  Want to teach some photography skills to your kids in a fun way?  Then this idea may breathe new life into your family walks!

We often go for family walks in the countryside and love visiting the same places at different times during the year.  We often take photographs with our point and shoot camera or with the camera on our mobile phones.  However, the youngest in the family has just started to ask if she can take some photos as well.  We decided to let her have the camera for the walk and see what she liked to take to photograph!

How to Take Great Photos on a Country Walk

Freedom to Take Those First Snaps!

We showed our 5-year-old daughter how to press the shutter button to take a photograph.  We also stressed how important it was to wear the wrist strap just in case the camera got dropped.  We then just let her start taking photographs as we walked along.

Great Photos Country Walks Leaves

It was really great to see what she was looking at and photographing on one of our regular walks.  We found that she took photographs of interesting things from a slightly  different viewpoint.  At one point, she climbed up under a tree to photograph the roots of a tree.  She also took photographs of the leaves on the floor and then pointed the camera at the sky to take a totally different kind image!

Great Photos using Light

She was fascinated by the changing light and how it made different pictures.  Plus she liked how being ‘shaky’ can make a great photo effect when the light was bouncing off the leaves!

This was such a  great creative outlet for her and let us see what she enjoys looking at when we are out and about too!

Interesting Things to Photograph

We let our daughter have lots of freedom on her first photo shoot.  At times, she asked for some help and we were able to give her some hints and tips on how to take her photographs.  There were some things that we took into account too such as her personal safety and respecting other people’s privacy.

Simple Tips for Young Photographers

Add the Shutter Sound onto Your Digital Camera.

Youngsters do not realise that the camera does not take the photograph straight away.  Your enthusiastic young photographer may press the button and then move the camera without waiting for the picture to be taken.  The noise can help them to remember to wait for a second or two before moving onto their next snap.

Learn to Count.

Help your youngster get into the habit of counting up to three after taking their shot to make sure that they have kept the camera in place for a clearer image.

Find a Focal Point and Frame it.

Add the grid lines to the digital image when setting up a shot to help your child frame their pictures.  This helps them make a focal point of their favourite part of the scene and think about where in the photograph they want it placed.  The grid lines and boxes help them to think about what they are photographing.

Safety and Privacy

It is important to watch what your child is doing as they are taking photographs.  This is for safety and also privacy.  It is easy to get so engrossed when you are taking photographs that you forget your surroundings.  Make sure your youngster does not wander into a dangerous situation when taking photographs your country walk, it is easy to wander too close to the waters edge, a road or a steep incline when you are looking through a camera lens.

Same again for privacy when there are other people out walking too.  General photographs of crowds may be ok but taking close up pictures of people, their homes or private residences and so on may cause offence and upset.  As the adult, you could always ask for permission for your youngster to take a photograph before they begin snapping away!

Learning Through Adventures Series

We are delighted to be taking part in the Learning Through Adventures Series organised by Bambini Travel.  to find out more about the series click on the image below.




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  1. What a wonderful post. Our kids love taking photos. Your tips at the end of the post are great – I have also found that turning the sound on can be hugely helpful. Thanks so much for joining the series!

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