10 Ice Cream Toppings That Will Make You Smile


I love ice cream and ice cream toppings mean I could eat it every day!  I have made my own ice cream in the past and tend to stick to certain tried, tasted and tested recipes! 

Although vanilla is one of my favourites, I do like experimenting with lots of different ice cream toppings. After lots and lots of experimentation – (oh the things I do for science!) I have brought to you my top ten toppings to try!

Making different toppings can turn an ordinary dessert into something extraordinary.  So grab your shopping lists and get ready to make those delicious ices today!

Top Ten Ice Cream Toppings

  1. Crushed Chocolate Chip Cookies – place some cookies in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.  Sprinkle on top or dip your ice cream cone in the crumbly bits.
  2. Tropical Fruits – grab a tin of pineapple chunks, add some slice of kiwi and some mango slices.
  3. Very Berry – take some fresh chopped berries and add a little orange juice with some sugar (if the berries are too tart)
  4. Eton Not Too Messy – slice some strawberries and meringue pieces before drizzling on some strawberry sauce.
  5. Nutty Nutters – crushed nuts of any sort sprinkled onto ice cream give texture and flavour too.
  6. Apple Saucy – I cheat and use a jar of applesauce – but you could make your own applesauce.  Serve hot or cold.
  7. Peanut Butter – smooth or crunchy – a dollop of this on top of your ice cream tasted delicious!
  8. Cotton Candy – got some spare from the fair? Then put it on top of your ice cream for an extra sweet treat!
  9. Popcorn – sweet, salty, cinnamon, whatever you like, it gives flavour and texture as well.
  10. Banoffee – add some banana and some toffee sauce for an indulgent desert!

My family have road tested all of these and they can vouch that they are all equally delicious! Why not try out some of these or make up your own? Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and experiment with flavours and textures.

Why not take a photograph of your sweet creations and tag me on social media? I would love to have more toppings to try!

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3 Responses
  1. Sarah

    I love the idea of making my own ice cream its something I’ve never done before, I’ve put it on my to-do list for the kids holidays! Ill then pop back and try a few of your topping suggestions! 🙂 #Blogtober17

  2. Oh my gosh, I have never tried any of these and they all sound AMAZING! Going to work my way through your list (and put on 10 pounds in the process )

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