Make a Happy Halloween Stained Glass Window


This Stained Glass Window idea was a favourite of ours a few years ago.  Written for Peakle Pie (our sister site) as part of a blog hop series.  For Halloween this year we are revisiting some of our old posts!

Halloween Stained Glass Window

Do you want to make Halloween decorations that are not too scary?  Want to have some fun and develop those fine motor skills in your youngsters?  Are you running out of time for organising your Halloween fun this year?

Peakles and I would like to share some ideas we have to create some quick and simple stained glass window effect decorations that we have been working on this year.  These are perfect for developing fine motor skills in youngsters and can be adapted for a wide age range as well.

Materials You Will Need

coloured tissue or thin paper in black, green, orange and yellow

black card or paper


laminating machine and laminating pouches

Simple Stained Glass Windows

This is the easiest window Peakles has made and was great fun too.  Peakles used the scissors to cut up the paper, and she then placed them into the laminating pouches.  If you have a toddler, then you may want to let them tear up the tissue paper rather than cut it.  Once the bags were fully covered we laminated it to make our stained glass panels.  After that we took some black paper, cut out some letters to make the word ‘Boo!’ and added this to our first panel.

More Halloween Window Ideas

Then we cut out some Halloween shapes and glued these onto our laminated stained glass panels. They created some super, spooky pictures.  Peakles enjoyed making these as she liked cutting out the shapes and glueing them onto the laminated sheet.

Once we ran out of laminated panels Peakles wanted to make some spiders.  This time, she added the spiders to the laminating pouch with no extra tissue to make a scary, spidery panel that was very effective!

Finally, we placed them on our windowsill to catch the natural light which not only looked great, but they cast a stained glass reflection onto the floors and walls!  We also placed some torches and battery operated tea-lights behind our stained glass panels which made it look very spooky once the sun had gone down!

Halloween Blog Hop

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Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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