Popping Volcano Play for Big Brave Explorers

Popping Volcano Play for Brave Explorers

Kids find volcanoes both scary and exciting.  From tales of ancient lost lands to feature length cartoons, the idea of lava, eruptions and the thrill of danger captures the imagination of many youngsters!

We wanted to recreate some ideas that you can do at home or outside that would stimulate creative play and spark those young imaginations!

Volcanoes Pin

Popping Volcano Play

You Will Need:

Crisp Rice Breakfast Cereal

Popping Candy

Bicarbonate of Soda

Lemon Juice


Red, Orange and Yellow Poster Paint

Paper Confetti

Variety of Plastic Toy Characters

Large Plastic Tray or a Garden Potting Tray

Shower Curtain or Newspaper.

How We Set It Up

We filled the tray with the crisped rice and sprinkled some popping candy on top.  We then added the bicarbonate to two areas with some popping candy mixed in to make two volcanoes.  NExt we added the paint to the bicarbonate of soda.  Finally we let the youngest squirt the lemon juice onto the ‘volcanoes’ and began to play!

How We Played

The bicarbonate of soda began to fizz and flow like lava.  All the time the popping candy and crisped rice made some great pops and bangs as the lave flowed over it.  The kids had great fun listening to and watching the toys get caught in the lava.  Soon they began making up stories about how the dragon liked the volcano and how the princesses would rescue each other from the dragon!

As lava began to slow down we added some lemonade to make it froth up again and this time the paper confetti was used for ash clouds dropping down on the hot lava!

We squished the lava and it was decided that we had super powers which was why only we could touch it!  More red and yellow paint was added until we had a great squishy, soggy mess which was great for squidging in our hands!

Once we had cleared up the mess it was time to make a Brave Explorer Volcano Drink and watch more Volcanoes erupting!

Popping Volcano Fun

Brave Explorer Volcano Drink

You Will Need:

Lemonade or Cherry Soda

Ice Cream

Popping Candy

What You Do:


Place a scoopful of ice cream into a large glass, add the popping candy.  Pour soda over the top – be careful as it will froth up and start popping!

Add a straw and enjoy whilst watching the grown ups set off an Erupting Volcanoes!

Volcano Ice Cream Floats


Erupting Volcanoes

You Will Need:

A variety of unopened soda bottles

Some sugar coated mint sweets – mint imperials would work well.

What You Do:

Get a grown up to take the top off the soda bottles and drop a mint into each bottle!

Stand back and watch the soda froth up and erupt out of the bottle!
We hope that you will enjoy playing and exploring ‘Volcanoes’ as much as we did!


A-Z Rainy Day Activities Series

We are delighted to be taking part in the A-Z Rainy Day Activities series.  Remember to click on this photo below to find out more!

A-Z Rainy Day Activities


Next in the series is W is for Who From Words and Needles!




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