Pumpkin Print Invitations and Place mats


Peakles wanted to invite a few friends around for a Halloween party and she wanted to use some ‘real’ invitations.

We had seen some when we were out shopping, but Peakles said that we could make some instead!  She wanted to have some pumpkin print invitations and the general theme for her party was smiling pumpkins!

How We Made Our Pumpkin Invites

We had some black cards and envelopes in our craft box, but you could just use folded black card or make the picture cut out and stick onto any card that you have at home.  I took an apple and cut it in half to use as a pumpkin shaped stamp.  You could use a potato instead of an apple.

Peakles then mixed some orange paint with some white paint.  This means that the orange paint is still bright once it had dried onto the black background.

She had great fun using the apple as a stamp and soon had a whole row of party invitations!

We added some glitter to some of the wet prints and we also added eyes and a smile once the paint had dried!

How We Made Our Halloween Place Mats

To carry on the theme of smiling pumpkin prints, I thought it would be nice to have some matching place mats too.  We took an A4 sheet of paper and used our apple stamp to make a pumpkin pattern.  Once dried you could add some features to the apple print faces.  At this point, you could personalise the place mats (they make great little party favours!) with your guests names.

Finally, we decided to laminate the place mats in order to stop them getting too messy at the party – once laminated they can be easily wiped down and reused another time.

Peakles liked this so much that we ended up using our apple stamps to create a pumpkin print design on our paper napkins too!

This project was great fun and we managed to create a coordinated Halloween theme for our party that cannot be bought in the shops!

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This has been updated for 2019.

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