Quick and Easy Valentines Card

Valentines cards are unusual in our house as we tend to not bother with Valentines Day. Peakles is fascinated with the whole ‘hearts and love’ idea.  She wanted to make a card for Daddy before he came home so it was a quick thinking cap moment for me!

Heart Card
Heart Card

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of making a Valentines day card.  Peakles wanted it to be all red but I think this would be lovely in gold or blue too.


A4 red card, red tissue or red cellophane, scissors (adult use only depending on age of child) and a g.

What we did:

We folded the card in half.  I explained to Peakles that we wanted both side of the heart ot be the same so I drew a ‘half’ heart shape on the card on the fold.  Using the scissors I cut out two heart shapes.  If your child is older then they could cut them out with children’s scissors for fine motor skill practise.  We remembered to save the cut out hearts so that we could make a rainbow ribbon heart gift to go with the card!.

Cut out hearts.
Cut out hearts.

Peakles used a glue stick and stuck the cellophane onto the inside of the the card.  If we were making more than one card I would have let her experiment with different tissue papers too for a more opaque heart effect.  Peakles decided to place the card in front of the lamp we have in our lounge however you could just place the card in a window or well lit corner of the room (please do not place in front of a naked flame as it is a fire risk).

In the daylight the card looked really pretty but once it got dark the full effect of the red hearts became clear as the lamp light streamed through them cast red shadows on the walls and the ceiling!

Shining Hearts!
Shining Hearts!

A card that Daddy & I will treasure for many years to come.


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