6 Simple Goals That Made My Life Better

Simple Goals That Made My Life Better

These simple goals became key in changing my life for the better.  Some of the goals I have achieved, many are ongoing goals and some I hope to achieve in the near future.




The main things I found during the 6-month process was being able to concentrate on one major goal per month, put certain systems in place and to evaluate them at the end of the month.

I’m also thinking of trying this again and to re-evaluate those goals and see if I can improve on the progress I made.

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I decided that I needed to get organised before trying to achieve any other goals.  I used to be very organised but I have found that over the past few years things have slowly got out of control.  What I needed was a plan to start a mental and physical clearout of ‘stuff’.

Being Healthy

This is an ongoing goal and although we did make progress as a family, we have slipped back into some of our not so healthy ways.  Time for a change of direction and a refocus.


We still struggle at times however, I’m pleased to say that our son has started his second year at University and still keeps in touch every week or so.  Our relationship with our daughter remains feisty, loving and stubborn at times.  She takes after me and sometimes we argue just because we have nothing to argue about.  This is a goal I constantly trying to achieve and constantly feel as though I am just missing the mark.

Family Time

Our family time has changed as we have all grown.  The eldest is at home for the main holidays but apart from that he is doing his own thing with his mates at university (as it should be).  Our daughter is finding that school work takes up more time now she is in year 3, but we still manage to squeeze in a few caravan trips in the holidays.


Still learning… now doing a weekly sewing class that I adore.  More things in the pipeline and a possible return to University for me as well.


I need to focus more… Enough said!


Blogtober 2017

I’m joining in with Blogtober 2017, where UK bloggers are joining together to write a post every day in October.  Using daily prompts from Hex Mum Blog, the posts can be funny, insightful and thought-provoking.  You can read what everyone else is writing about by following the link below!




 Join us tomorrow for Day 8 of #Blogtober17 which is all about HOLIDAYS!


Always interested in writing, reading and learning in general. I love the quirky and unusual! All thoughts are my own!

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  1. I need to work on quite a few of these areas at the minute as I can feel myself slipping back into bad habits, especially with organisation and being healthly. I will be having a read of your posts to see if I can back on track.

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