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A-Z Small World Play for a

Fun Filled Vacation

We have recently discovered Small World Play and have found that it is an ideal way of encouraging young kids to use their imagination in a play setting.  This is our first Small World Play post and we are thrilled to be taking part in the A-Z Small World Play Series! (More details can be found below)

We chose to do V for Vacation as part of the series and we were actually on our Summer Vacation when we did this!  We chose things that were around our holiday home to create our Vacation Small World!

A-Z Small World Vacation

How We Made Our Small World Vacation Play Items

First we made small dolls from strips of card with paper towel clothes and decorated them with pen and stickers.  Then we created a tent from some folded card and added some insect and flower stickers for decoration.  We cut out some food from a supermarket magazine for our picnic and made a paper picnic blanket too!  The final touches included some a sheet of green card for the tent pitch, a blue bracelet for a paddling pool and some miniature toy money.  We packed them into a small art case that we had taken on vacation with us and also found a miniature kite that we had bought last year.

Playing with Small World – Vacation

We played everything on a picnic blanket outside our holiday home and just let our daughter discover them for herself.  We’d included a couple of train tickets and soon she was happily playing with her new dolls and making up some great adventures.  She set up a ‘camp’ and soon the dolls were enjoying a lovely picnic whilst playing in the paddling pool and flying a kite!  Finally they all went to bed in the tent and our daughter decorated the tent with even more stickers.  She asked for some more paper towel and made some sleeping bags for the dolls.

Once she had finished playing we packed all the items back into the little case and it became one of her favourite play items when we were away.

A-Z Small World Play - Vacation

Our daughter loved this idea and it was simple to play with and easy to make!  She added to the vacation things such as using a small box for a fridge/camping cooker and making more clothes for the dolls.

Small World Play is a definite success for us and was not too costly or time consuming to set up either!

We are excited to be part of the Small World Pretend Play Ideas from A-Z series hosted by Still Playing School.  Join a whole host of bloggers exploring Small World Play from A to Z by clicking on the image below!

Small World Play

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