Staying safe in the water – avoiding a tragedy

Staying safe in the water – avoiding a tragedy. 

Although I published this post quite recently I have decided to re post it as the UK basks in unusually warm weather this summer.  Already I have read in the news that people have lost their lives through drowning and I wonder how many ‘near’ drownings there have been.  Just in case you missed it first time around…….

In the Peakles household we love splashing about in the water and we may be going to the beach or the local pool as a family this weekend. In fact I have just purchased a small paddling pool today that Peakles was very eager to jump into!


She managed to take some Lego pieces and a couple of plastic figures into the pool with her too!

Calling Fireman Sam!
Calling Fireman Sam!

Obviously I never leave her alone in the pool, much to her dismay if I have to take her out of it to go answer the front door. We are careful and we try to make sure we follow all the guidelines about keeping safe in and around the water and are very aware that young children can drown in a very small amount of water. We are looking forward to Peakles starting swimming lessons very soon as living in a coastal area, we are very aware of the importance of being able to swim.

Funny Face
Funny Face

I must admit drowning is a fear of mine and every year we hear of some tragedy during the summer months when an adult or child loses their life. In a crowded pool or beach it seems unthinkable that these tragedies can happen but they do. And we all think how did someone not know that the person or child was in trouble? It turns out I (and probably many of you) would not recognise the signs that someone is in real trouble. A person who is trying to ‘spread the word’ is Mario Vittone and I came across his Facebook page via a friend who had posted about it.  Please take the five minutes to read about how ‘Drowning doesn’t look like Drowning’ and make yourself and others aware. It could help save a life.  He also has a website (for those of you who don’t use Facebook) 

Having fun in the water is a big part of my childhood and I want it to be something Peakles remembers too. Please take care this summer and let’s make it a happy one with lots of SAFE Summer Water Fun.

(please note I have not been asked to share this and I am not gaining any financial reward for this. I have not read any other articles on Mario’s facebook or website and cannot comment on the context or content.)

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    1. Peakle Pie

      Thank you. Even if it just makes people a little more aware when they are around water then it was worth posting and linking.

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